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Lub d Hostel, Bangkok

Where I stayed at Bangkok last time? *We stayed at LUB D!*

Happiness is going for VACATION!!

Yeap, we didn't choose to stay in hotel because there's 3 of us!

Normally there's bed for single, double. or double single and family room. Hence Christy and Joey decided to choose backpacker's hostel especially Lub d Bangkok as it has a lot of good comments from backpackers even bloggers as well.

So we decided to stay there!
All booking can be done online, this is super convenient and don't need to worry if you travel to Bangkok and got no place to stay! Book here:


There's 2 Lub d at Bangkok, Lub d Silom and Lub d Siam Square.
We stayed at Lub d Silom for the first few days, then followed by Lub d Siam Square! Both we like as it's got their own pro and con.

Let's talk about Lub d Silom as it is my first stay at Bangkok XD
Lub d is quite tourist friendly as THEY GIVE US GUIDE after you placed your booking! So after you landed at Bangkok Don Mueang (DMK) International Airport, you just follow the guide, then you can reach Lub d Silom!

We need to pay the rest of the booking fees as one ppl per night is around 500 bath for both branch, and 100 bath for key deposit.

We're staying at 6 females sharing dom! There's also 6 lockers for each of us. So yeah you can lock your important stuff inside.

Let's see how's it look like outside.
Female sharing dom located at 4th floor, for Silom branch!

They also have small cinema, washing machine, dryer and so on! The design is very cool and seriously I like it so much as it really feel like HOME.

This is how's their counter look like.

This place also the place for breakfast, and free breakfast is serve! They got white bread, butter and fruit jam, biscuits, tea, malt drink, is given!

Another breakfast area which you can buy other food if you don't want to eat their breakfast, or buy some fruits from there, like one big banana for 10 bath? Still worth it compared to hotel food XD

Their 'Living Room'

Their tour guide information counter, if you hv no idea where to go, just follow Lub d tour guide, and it is quite reasonable!

We take one day tour guide to go to Maeklong Railway Market and also Floating Market the next day for 1800 bath, everything included! Yeah, 1800 bath per person, will update that day blog post as soon as possible.

There's a lot of place you can go and activity that you can do!

Variety of books, included chinese books! You can read it if you hv nothing to do! XD

Our first night at Bangkok! But first let us take a SELFIE first XD

There's also 6 computers to given to let us online!

Opps, before I forget, wanted to show that Lub d Bangkok Silom branch again win the certificate of excellence continuous for few years!


Moving to Lub d Siam Square after 3 day stayed at Lub d Silom!

Actually hor if you like to eat chili, here's a good chance to let u stay maximum 3 night for free! If you can eat 10 chili? Don't worry, milk is given to cool you down XD

And finish it like Joey?

Christy and Joey made it, but I didn't because my gastric cannot tahan with too much of chili T_____T

Tadaaa, remember to try these all chili if you want to challenge before you check in your hotel, if 1 chili is eaten, means 10% off, if 5 chili are eaten, means 50% off for that night!

How Lub d Siam square look like, it is exactly beside the Siam train station (BTS)! After going down then you can see it already, btw it is super convenient as it is near to the train station, shopping malls, and most important 7-11! XD

Female dom 4 ppl sharing room!

They also have a big mirror for you to take selfie and OOTD!

Where you enter you can see a living room too!

Their check in counter, and also Lub d bar! XD

There's also place for you to chill, enjoy! I was busying writing autograph for Lub d because it is last day already! 

Also their 'Living Room'!

Place to chill and really look like home for me too!

They also have computer to let us online! BTW WiFi are all available for both Lub d branch! and the speed is kinda fast as well. Small cinema, washing machine, cloth dryer, place for you to dry your cloth all available at Lub d Siam Square! Pretty cool XD

Okay, guess what is the van for? You never guess it right? XD 

Yeap, it is a small bar! Creative right? Photo from

I preferably like Siam Square Lub d because it is more to train station (BTS) and city center, as well as 7-11. Yeap, Silom Lub d kinda far from train station and also 7-11, but Silom Lub d have better and bigger environment more spaces to stay, perhaps Siam Square Lub d have limited space as it located at city town! So if you want to stay at Siam Square Lub d, remember to book earlier! Enjoy! XD

For more information:
Lub d Bangkok


  1. useful review! gonna be helpful! :)

  2. Nick & Happy Walker: Thankiuuuuu ;)

  3. the dom look pretty squeezy but it is so neat! and other than that , the place look so clean and cosy! (: i never knw go bangkok got this place to stay! thanks for sharing (:

  4. Ann Tan: We love this place so much also. And all the foreigner are very polite and very safe to stay as well! You're welcome dear <333


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