Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A MUST visit places at Bangkok - Asiatique Pier / Asiatique The Riverfront

Again. Bangkok Post. LOL

Cant wait to finish another 3 posts T____________________T
It takes me forever to blog about it. Don't give up! U must blog all about it!

So today I'm going to blog about Asiatique Pier.  A very suitable night place for couple, family or even best friends, like us? Ohya, it is at Bangkok! Asiatique Pier/The Riverfront was create from concept of Festival Market and Living museum. It is the largest lifestyle shopping at the side of Chao Phraya River,, and it's cheap as Chatuchak Market!

Me, Joey and Christy. Seriously I miss all of you. Working life without you guys are like no fun at all :'(

Okay, lets start our night journey to Asiatique Pier, Bangkok! Views from the boat, and the ticket to Asiatique Pier is free one, if going to opposite direction (China Town) it charge according to station one.

Whenever you see the 3rd night view, especially the circle round round thing, means you're very near to Asiatique Pier now! It takes approximately 15 mins to reach there from jetty!

Okay, get set ready! You gonna stung there because you will never expect this place gonna be so pretty one!

I dunno what to say all about these photos, just wanna share every single of the picture I took!

After jalan jalan, we found a shop that quite pack with human. LOL so we also follow the crowd & join them for dinner!

But first let us take a selfie! LOL

And Christy Joey!

Christy & Joey.

We order local coffee & milk tea? Something like teh tarik in Malaysia, both of these drinks are our all time favorite in Bangkok.

And we order these 3 dishes. Seriously I forgot what the name for this dish, my fault because I didn't update it cepat cepat once I came back from Bangkok. T______________T

Tom Yam! Never miss this dish too! All together is 700++ baths, I only can estimate because seriously my brain not good in memorizing.

One thing I noticed that is we keep eating & eating all the time when we're at Bangkok, but seriously we all didn't really gain weight, perhaps we really walk a lot there! After eat, we continue to walk & branded doggies everywhere here! It kept run here & there, and they don't bite!

Then we attracted to this hand craft shop.

It can mark your name into the bracelet, rings or even ear rings. Looks! Here's mine. Stainless steel, and it cost me 300bath for this? But I love it so much la, as it makes me so class. LOL

After that, we just go for random shootings. LOL

Yeah, lots of picture but we not able to put all of them up :P

There's also puppies standing there to do performance to the tourist! Kinda pity them because the puppy's owner kept asking him/them to stand.

You're really cool, puppy!

Okay, last but not least, selfie with Asiatique!

If you don't like me maybe you can choose the pic below me. LOL

Thanks Christy & Joey for bringing me to such a beautiful place! Hope we got chance to come back here Bangkok or visit other place, like Taiwan? Australia?

Can't wait. Hope our friendship last forever & ever.

Sign of friendship forever! Miss you all.

How to go there? Here's the info! Im getting there from Taksin Bridge & get the free boat there!

Have fun!
Link back to *Frequent questions asked in Bangkok trip*


  1. Hi can I know that is it we can go back with the boat also?

  2. Hi can I know that is it we can go back with the boat also?


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