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[Review] Natural Republic Aloe Vera 92% Sooting Gel

Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel, definitely you heard it before right?

I search for the cheapest price in Malaysia market but it seems like quite hard to find a shop that're doing super cheap sells. Thanks for Omoshiroi.Ya for give me a try!

It called as Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel 92%.
Always we heard a lot of product with 99% aloe vera contain, but did you know if 99% aloe vera contain it couldn't last long with fresh aloe vera gel itself.

Okay, what so good about this Aloe Vera sooting gel?

Yeah, a lot of ppl said that it contain alcohol that's majority alcohol contain is not good for our skin, BUT for my opinion little bit of alcohol doesn't harm our skin, as alcohol helps to kill germs & bacteria on our skin whereby we cant see it using our naked eyes!

8 Usage of Natural Republic Aloe Vera 92 % sooting gel:

1. Moisture cream & mask pack 
- It used when you need an urgent MOISTURIZING.
- You can mix it together with jojoba oil (can get it in any pharmacy outlet) as they recommended for double moisture!

2. Make up base
- Yes, make up base. When you apply this as your first step of your make up. As it is really moist (BUT it takes sometimes to get dry)
- Why our make up always melt by our OILY face? This is because our skin is over dried, that's why our skin need to protect your skin by secrete oil to let our face stay oil!
Believe or not, after applied it & make up, my make up won't melt so easily!

3. After shave
- Guys shave, girls don't shave? Girls shave on armpit hair & sometimes our leg & hand hairs!
- For me, I shave my armpit hair! LOL
- After shave you it, do apply a little bit Natural Republic Aloe Vera gel, as it contain alcohol that can help to kill the bacteria after we shave our armpit hair. (so do after shaving your hand & leg hairs!)

4. Hair treatment
- For natural hair styling to mix gel with the treatment.
- I applied Aloe Vera gel at the end of the hair to prevent it get dry & damage. Yeap, it is super sticky at first I apply it on my hair. But after few times, I apply a little bit by little bit, and dry it with hair dryer, it won't feel so dry after that. Correct me if it is wrong lol

5. Eye packs
- Aloe vera gel can use as eye mask, it can help to reduce redness & swelling after whole day work.
- Avoid to contact with your eyes, it might irritate your eyes!

6. Nail Essence
- Before you apply your nail colour, do apply a little bit of gel on ur nail to keep it moist!

7. Body Lotion
- You can use it as body lotion (especially on my dry skin, and it works effectively! You might feel a bit sticky at first, but after a while you will feel so much better, for faster result, I use fan to dry it up LOL)

8. Comfort your skin
You can put your aloe vera gel into your fridge before you apply it onto your skin. It definitely suits ppl with sensitive skin like me!

Okay, it is really useful for me personally!

Here's my effect with before and after my skin application.



Any solution to heal my dry skin fully? T____________T

My face AFTER:

My face no longer get oily after I take it as NIGHT MASK, hence it really moist enough for whole night (Sorry for my duck face*.*)

For now it is my favorite night mask before I sleep, but you would need to pay attention on these:

1. You need to tide all ur hair up to prevent your hair stick onto the aloe vera gel on your face!
2. You need some times to dry it up, and it is a bit sticky!

For hygiene purpose I use SPATULA from Annie's Way Jelly Mask. This is because our hand always full of bacteria that we couldn't see through our naked eyes! To make it more effective, I will use spatula to take some out & apply on my face!

RM32.90  RM28.20 

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Product information:

1 bottle + 1 foot peeling mask (I will review it SOON) + 1 foot mask + 1 hand mask:

More information:

Any question just drop me a comment or EMAIL me! Enjoy! You can get it at Althea nowadays!


  1. previously look quite many friends using this....
    is it ok for man? if yes i also want go have a try d...hehe

    1. Hi Prince,

      Yes of cos it is suitable for guys as well. Do try them out! It heal sun burn too ;)

  2. First time visits here, nice blog and sharing, I wish you to have a happy day~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)


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