Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tripda - Ride Sharing is FUN

Anyone heard about Tripda?
I guess this is quite new among Malaysian? Tripda is a safe, social and cool ride-sharing marketplace for long-distance trips!

You can download it at iOS for iPhones or Play Store for Andriod/or visit ;)

Tripda is an Online Carpooling Platform that connects drivers commuting with empty seats in their cars and passengers heading to the same way.

It aims to transform carpooling into a viable transportation alternative, so that both driver and passengers can share the cost for the whole trip. Meanwhile, they also can meeting like-minded friends along the way, as well as reducing traffic jam!

So basically this is how it works!

Once you register with your Facebook, you will see this.

Okay now, you can just fill in the blank, where you want to go FROM and TO where, then just Find a Ride! And even choose your date accordingly, if not it will appear on the date you logged on ;)

I kinda blessed because of this TRIPDA USEFUL APP!

What's so good about it?
Because I don't own a car in Kuala Lumpur (KL), because I'm originated from Sarawak. Luckily I got my bf, because of him, I only can attend events and works in KL! Sometimes if he is busy, I only can find taxi and sometimes find friends staying nearby to fetch me which is really troublesome! T___T

1. a) Events
I can carpool with other girls to the place I wanted, especially on events. So that I can know more friends, next time can go events together! Or any roadtrip!

So next time I can add their Facebook or even have their contact, next time still can hang out together! This is quite cool! ;)

1. b) Going back hometown
Yeap, now you can car pool with others who is driving back alone back to same hometown! No longer #foreveralone hashtag needed in your social media jor :P

Yeap, never be alone when going back to your hometown during this coming Chinese New Year, or any long holiday, can make sure the driver drive safely, chit-chat to reduce bored and sleeping mood!
Because YOUR JOURNEY might need few hours to reach! :D

Happy happy balik kampung, with ''Biar Lambat, Asal Selamat''! Reach and gather with family is the happiest moment in our life :D

2. Safety and Security
Yeap, guess everyone worry about the safety and security of this Tripda, but dont worry because there're multiple safety measures are put in place.

This application will log in through your Facebook and get your personal details. How to make sure the user is safe? You can know who you carpool with before your trip start through user ratings, Facebook profile, mobile and verification.

3. Convenient and Environment Friendly
No longer need to call TAXI to fetch me, wait for buses or trains! There will be less car spend on the road, which reduce air pollution indirectly! Seriously nowadays there're too much of cars on the road, causing traffic jam everywhere, and Malaysia considered as high traffic after Indonesia and Thailand in South East Asia.

After chosen your destination, and found a right carpool driver, you can go ahead! But always be aware, read her/his rates, Facebook profile before you sit into her/his car ;)

After checked her Facebook, she is reliable and I'm gonna book now, I can just go from Shah Alam to Puchong just with RM7, or pay a little bit more to my destination! I cant get this super cheap price in other place :D

Here I go! Hope you guy can enjoy Tripda, user and environment friendly app ! Bye! #TRIPDAblogawards

More information:
Tripda website:
Tripda mobile app available on iOS and Google Play
Tripda Facebook page:
Tripda instagram + twitter handle: @TripdaMY

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