Sunday, March 22, 2015

Good Bye my Samsung Note II

This is a really sad post because I just lost my Samsung Note II that presented by my beloved baby Vinc 2 years ago. I never know that this thing will be happen to me, as I'm the type that kept my thing properly no matter where I am, I'm so sorry babe.

My Note II, with iron man stickers, flawless cover and side bar as I never remove the iron man sticker and my cover since ever I got my phone, with serial number - ''8 806085 274976 Marble White''

Story begin with ...

On 16th March (my birthday month as well), I'm going to work like usual, but maybe the first day of school holiday, my shop packed with customers and patients.

I start busier and busier, and I treat every single of them with my whole heart, and around 3pm, a young Chinese man around 30 years old pretend as a customer, say he want to buy healthy shoes for old folk house's uncles and aunties, but he kept make me blur and busy as he say this one not suitable, this one too big, and too ugly or etc etc.

And my colleagues also helping me around. Then he take this opportunity when we are away from counter table, and take my phone put into his pocket (is my fault that I put my phone on the table, actually located quite inside the counter), and tell my colleague that he want to put parking ticket for his car, after he went out I search for my phone immediately and it is gone, but it was too late, I called and the phone is switch off. T________T

This my 2nd phone that get stoled, my first phone (Nokia 8250) gone when I was Form 1, aihh, what a sad case.

Pain because of my gift from my beloved one, my past memories and pictures! God pls punish this guy and hope he can repent of his mistake one day! Amen.

Vinc always want me to change to his previous new phone Samsung S4, but I refused because Note II still in very healthy condition. Until now, I still feel heartache when I think back the incident that happen on me. I just hope who takeover my Note II, pls stay healthy and happy ya! Just hope one day I shall see you again :)

Vinc always tell me that money can earn back, so we bought this! Tadaa! TQ babe for not scolding me, but support me by giving me $$ to buy my Note 4, love you so much :')

So yeah, dearest Note 4, pls don't leave me again! I will love you like I love my babe Vinc! Dear Note II, if you feel me, do come back to me! You're still inside my deepest heart, as you accompanied me for 2 years ++!!

If you found my phone, do email me at, thanks for the share and God bless all of you! ;)


  1. luckily no private photos ya! =p
    anyway next time be more careful! ;)

    best place to chill out! =D

    1. Henry: Okay. I must be more careful next time ;)

  2. Terrible people! >< Really need to be alert 24/7 nowadays D:

    1. Julianna Chan: Yalo. Need to be careful always. Life so stress if keep going like this :(


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