Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sarawak's Food that YOU MUST TRY!

Last CNY, I went back my hometown for almost 2 weeks! Miss my hometown, Sarikei, Sarawak so much!

But this time I didn't manage to take all these nice food, so I will be using previous photos ya, or steal from my brother's Facebook (He always let camera eat first before he eat :P)! So got few food that I must eat whenever I step on my hometown!

1. Sarawak Kampua (Foochow)
Yums! My favorite noodles ever. They usually use pork oil and pork meat to cook this kampua. My bf say this is Sarawak version of wantan mee, just that the noodle is different (taste different also OK :P) 

It cost you RM2-RM3++ only, but if you dine in shopping mall, of course not so cheap, which is around RM5-RM6! Nowadays, they even have bihun, kueh tiaw kampua, or even fried kampua, too bad I still love the original one.

In my hometown, there're also malay kampua, which I kinda miss it, it taste almost perfect as pork kampua, specially done by Malay ppl in my hometown. If you want to try it, tell me next time then we can fly to Sarawak and have a try on this special noodle! ;D

2. Sarawak Laksa
This noodle I won't miss it whenever I reach my hometown. The noodle can be kueh tiaw, bihum, kampua noodle, or yellow noodle. For me, I love all of them especially bihun and kampua noodle, there're a lot of sarawak laksa, if you don't try it, means you're not coming to Sarawak yet :P

It cost you RM3.50-RM6++, depends on area. Only my hometown, Sarikei got this RM3.50 price I guess. BTW my bf say that this is curry noodle in West Malaysia, but for me, whenever I miss sarawak laksa, I will order curry noodle, yeah, it taste 70% similar? Try it next time, then you'll know :P

3. Sarawak Kolo Mee (Hakka)
I only will take Kuching kolo mee whenever I'm going back to my grandparents' house. But I tried other place's kolo mee is not so nice compared to Kuching one lah. So yeah, also a must when you step on Kuching.

I guess this one is combination of kampua together with kolo mee, then become wantan mee? :O

It can cost you RM2.50-RM6++, depends on the area you eat, they also got char siew (char siew sauce) which give you more sweet taste compared to original one. 

One thing I dislike kolo mee is too oily, after take 1 pack, you will never take another one, until the next few days. Good also because it can control your tummy! LOL

4. Fried Noodle/Kueh Tiaw/Bihun (Dry or Wet, Soup) [Cantonese]
A must whenever I fly back Sarawak, it taste so different compared to West Malaysia, and it is only in Sarawak I guess? If you found smth similar at West Malaysia, do leave a comment down there, because sometimes I'm so tempted to eat it!

This is fried kueh tiaw WET. Likey! Dry one also nice but I still prefer wet, more juicy! Yums.

Fried Noodle but in soup! Nice also, aunty uncle's favorite! It cost you RM3.50-RM6, so yeah kinda worth it because it comes with big size :P

5. Ding Bian Hu - 鼎边糊 (Foochow)
It is a very famous foochow food over Sarikei and Sibu, for some place like Miri or Kuching you might need to give effort to find it. Most of the Chinese people over here replace their breakfast or dinner with this, because it's also similar to porridge! Ohya, it made from rice starch!

Normally after you took this, you gonna sweat all over the body! It taste more delicious by adding on local pepper! Yums! It cost you around RM3-6, depends on the size you order.

6. Zhou Cai Hung Ngan (糟菜粉干) [Foochow]
Another favorite food i like because it is a bit sour and girls love it the most I guess? Price from RM3.80-RM6++. Yums!

Other than that, there're some snack and drinks you must take when you're here! Because it is so special for me, and couldn't find it over West Malaysia.

1. Rojak & ABC
I guess this is the only favorite rojak I tried, located at Bintangor, and now it is available in Sarikei as well. Normally I will buy the sauce because it is so delicious and cannot find in other place :P

If you makan rojak, you must makan together with ABC, they're just like husband and wife!

Last week tried rojak and ABC in Miri! Nice also but I still prefer my hometown one :P

Paiseh for this one I almost finish makan I just remember to take this picture. HEHE

Overall price for Rojak is RM5-7, depends on size you order, normally got small or big. Hehe, for ABC cost you RM2.50-RM5, depends on you order biasa one, special one or extra big one!

2. Three Layer Milk Tea - 三色奶茶

I tried it long long time ago, but this time I try it again, it taste so so nice! :P Definitely miss Sarawak food, snack, and drink so so much! Any nice food I missed? Do let me know and I will  add in in next post! Thanks and do enjoy Sarawak food! If you found any nice Sarawak Food in KL especially, pls do let me know ;)

Happy reading and have a nice day! :D


  1. woo so yummy, i dont mind the oil for kolo mee. Can go for two packs! haha

    1. Henry: Haha u guy ma. Eat few packs also wont gain weight one. Girls need jaga badan hahahaha

  2. Love that there's a blog post about Sarawak food! So hard to find good ones in KL.

    1. Yeah. They should open more Sarawak Food Shop in KL or Klang Valley :D


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