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TIPS: How Healthy is Your Oatmeal?

Recently quite a lot of people discuss about HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR OATMEAL. Yes, before this I never concern about how healthy is my oatmeal, as long it is really nice to eat honestly. It might actually contain high calories!

Before that, Im going to explain a bit what is OAT. Oats are gone through varying levels of mechanical processing. They're well-known healthy food, as everyone believe that it can reduce cholesterol effectively, consumed by most of the people around the world.

TYPES of OATS (Source from: HERE)
Oat groats: It is whole grainy as you can get where oats are concerned. Unadulterated. Only the inedible hull has been removed. Cooks in 50-60 minutes.

Steel cut oats: It is also called Irish oats or pinhead oats, these are just groats that have been cut into smaller pieces to speed cooking. Cook in 10-20 minutes.

Scottish oatmeal: Another version of groats that have been broken into bits, only these are stone ground instead of being cut. Cooks in 10 minutes.

Oat bran: It is a high-fiber part of the oat that’s been removed and can be eaten separately. Oat bran can be prepared as its own hot cereal or simply sprinkled on your favorite bowl of breakfast to boost the nutrient content of every bite. Cooks in 2 minutes.

Old fashioned oats: Known as groats that are steamed and then pressed flat. Increasing the surface area this way and partially cooking them helps you get breakfast to your mouth faster. Cooks in 5 minutes.

*Below are the most common type of oat that's everyone eating
Quick oats: It is old-fashioned oats, except rolled thinner and steamed longer. Cook in 1 minute.

Instant oatmeal: It is like quick oats, except rolled even thinner and steamed even longer. Cooks in 1 minute. It is always come in 3 in 1, added with milk, sugar or flavored items to increase the yumminess of your oat meal/drinks, which give you lots of calories!


So yeah, normally I will choose Quick Oats, for instant cooking one (rolled oat)[the rest of the oats are hardly find in market, and less demand as well], because of their Glycemic Index (GI). GI ranks the effect of a carbohydrate-containing food on your glucose level on a scale of 1-100. The higher the GI, the more quickly a food absorb into and increase your blood sugar accordingly. (Check out whole wheat bread, some of them written with GI value as well!)

So according to LivingStone, it stated that a 250g serving of oatmeal, has GI of 58, and a bowl of instant oatmeal has a GI of 83. So it is better to prepare your on fresh oatmeal by using Quick Oats, by adding some healthy food like fresh fruits, nuts, greek yogurts, chia seeds! 

Though calories might slightly higher, some people even say oatmeal can gives up to 400++ calories, which is equally same as one plate of NASI LEMAK. Yes it is true but your oatmeal 400++ calories is full of nutrients, but NASI LEMAK is fulled of santan, oil and not very healthy ingredients, and if you consume this oatmeal in the morning, it can make your days full of energy and it will definitely gives you a GOOD DAY!)

If you wish to know more about oat (I consume Quaker Oats), pls refer HERE to know more details! It tells you calories, nutrients inside out, attached with few oat meals recipe! Isn't cool? XD

TIPS to prepare your Oatmeal (source from: HERE)
1. Using the right milk
You can you soymilk or milk to prepare your overnight oatmeal. But remember each type of milk gives different calories. Chart below tell you everything (sometimes I just use hot water to cook my oat, to reduce those my calories intake, and it is still yummy!)

2. Use suitable dressing
Everyone loves sweet dressing to make your oatmeal taste better, but some honey are actually added with sugar! Or some even use brown sugar, maple syrup, or molasses to give more sweetness. I would use unsweetened honey to give yummy and healthy dressing!

3. Add correct toppings
I would add on walnuts, almonds or peanuts according to my mood on the day itself. But since after I know these nuts will gives extra high calories, I had decrease the intake up to MAX. LOL. You can still enjoy it because it gives good fat and it can lower your bad cholesterol as well, but with CONTROL!

Dry fruits is always processed with sugar to let it last longer, which I am not recommended, except it is really dry food without any additional ingredients!

4. Put on fresh FRUITS!
Yes, fresh fruits are always the best choice because our body easily digest and gives the best nutrients to us! I can't say NO to fruits because I love all of them!

Remember to slide your fruits only when you want to eat, so that it can give you the best nutrients ever! Fruits, here I come! XD


So now is my turn to show off all my oatmeals I had before! Picutres all uploaded in my Instagram! Do check it out because I will inspire you all ;)

And some of my whole wheat bread breakfast!

I've also done a post for pre and post workout diet last year! Check them out here: ;)

Hope you guys really enjoy this post! Anything wrong just correct me ya! Because I'm still learning how to eat clean and will be continue it until forever!


BREAKFAST should eat like a KING
LUNCH should eat like a NORMAL HUMAN
DINNER should eat like a BEGGAR

So, let you choose your BODY? or BODY choose you? Decide yourself! Have fun and I hope I'm helping everyone of you clarify your doubts! Have fun!

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    1. No problem ya. Hope you enjoy this post ohh ;)

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    What is that fruit (in pink) in your third overnight oats picture? And is that pumpkin or mango in the fourth picture from the bottom?

    1. You shouldn't skip ur breakfast leh. Hahaha must eat like a king for breakfast. The pink fruit is rose apple, they called it jambu, yaya that one is mango, too masak already :P

  3. i like ur this post, u should have come with menu mar~~ really colourful, easy and I feel like want to do also.


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