Friday, May 22, 2015

What's Happening on May 2015

Okay, this month, seriously is a very very busy and hectic month (As you can see from my blog post.. Until now I only have 2 updates, kantoi T^T) Clients, I'm so sorry for my delayed post!

Last month - April, bf's mother called us and told us their favorite pet - VIKI passed away, with difficulty of breathing, fever and weakness. We have no idea what happened to VIKI. Bf's mother cried for almost 2 weeks.

Name: Viki
Breed: Mini Pinscher
Year from 2008 - 2015

Lost of someone loved is so hurt and painful, as I lost one of my favorite pet few years back, no matter dogs passed away my tears just dropped automatically T____T

So bf's mother was us to find for mini pinscher breed but we couldn't find THE SAME FACE with Viki. His mother was so disappointed and caught in depression.

Since bf is so busy with his work, so i decided to find mini pinscher my own. I search for almost 2 hours in Google and thanks God Google didn't disappoint me. I manage to find a mini pinscher for bf's mother!

Name: Jocky
Breed: Mini Pinscher
DOB: 10 Feb 2015

Yeap, bf decided to take this fellow back home, but on the day itself, we saw his brother, Lucky. He is super cute and adorable with his eyes! The first day I already try to persuade my bf to bring Lucky back home but he said need to ask his mother first.

So yeah after his mother saw Lucky's picture, she the one asking CAN BRING LUCKY BACK ALSO? Wow, his mother is same track with me wey XD

Name: Lucky
Breed: Mini Pinscher 
(No idea why his body is black & white, maybe one of their ancestor is jiwawa XD But I still love him!)
DOB: 10 Feb 2015 

Lucky is home for after 1 week! OMG OMG I love him so much as he always stick to me, let me hug and not so hyperactive. Meanwhile, Jocky is hyperactive and loves to bite things or people, and he love to JUMP!

After take care them for 2 weeks, finally is time to send them back to bf's hometown, Kuala Terengganu. Bf drive them back, with lots of care, love and patience. It takes 6 hours to reach btw D:

Here're few videos I made for both 'SONS'.

Just take care them for 2 weeks and I miss them so much during the day I travel back to Kuala Lumpur (KL). Seriously love them so much T_____T

Ohya another thing I want to tell you all is, bf''s mother finally smile and happy back after Jocky and Lucky is home! Rest in peace, Viki. We all will miss you always!


But after came back to KL, I thought I will got time for my blog post, but next next few days we found few stray puppies under the water filter machine, beside the road side. Feel so heartache because they said SAY NO TO DOG BREEDERS. And yet I bought 2 mini pinscher with 4 digits. So I decided to take care of them by giving them food and water together with my colleagues.

Kinda sad because total of 9 puppies, only 3 puppies survived. God pls let them find a new owner and a new home. God bless them pls.

Other than need to repeat these daily routine with puppies, I fall sick on last week. Seriously so ill from sore throat, flu, headache, fever and lastly cough. Bf on outstation that weekend as well. Luckily my lovely Sharynn colleague she brought me to pharmacy and get my medicine!

After 1 week on medication I felt so so much better, even though i still having a bit flu and cough. Sick really makes people frustrated and sometimes depression. Lastly, Im gonna review all these by MAY! & May God bless me XD


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