Wednesday, July 1, 2015

[Review] Zakka Baby Japanese Charcoal Facial Mask

Again, I need to say that girls need MASK for their daily skincare routine to let ur skin stay young and flawless! Seriously I'm so addict to MASK recently :P

Today I'm going to introduce you all Zakka Baby Japanese Charcoal Facial Mask! Nowadays it is pretty hot among Malaysian and I decided to had a try on it. Hence, I really fall in love with it. Super love it lah.

It comes with 3 types of series:

1. 深层美白 (Whitening)  
2. 补水保湿 (Moisturizing)
3. 紧致修复 (Firming)

This time I tried Firming Series of Zakka Baby, as I really feel my face become more firm even on the very first Firming Mask applied. After few times apply I felt my skin won't so flabby!

Let me tell you why Zakka Baby is a great mask to try on.

It is make from real Charcoal fiber, as when you apply on your face you really feel the smoothness and firmness of the mask on your face, if it is fake one, then you will feel the different! 

Moreover, there're 30ml of serum, taken manually from the spring, with full of natural minerals which is benefits to our skin especially to reduce allergic, skin repair as well as keep our skin moisture enough!

Let's begin my Firming Series of Zakka Baby Japanese Charcoal Facial Mask :)

After your tear off, you can see the charcoal mask is really moist and super soft surface! Yeahh can't wait to place it on my face :)

Note: You can just apply it for 15 mins, because after 15 mins the mask will start to dry up, and reverse effect might happen because after the mask dry up, it will absorb back water from your skin!

After few try on this mask. It is my time to show BEFORE and AFTER after using this awesome MASK :)

Comment: I can feel my cheek firmed up a lot (can see from picture, the way I smiled), and it makes me look even younger! It works really effective than other firming mask I tried before! Will purchase again after finish this mask :)

Not only I'm recommended, but 康熙 - Taiwan TV programme they also strongly recommend this! 


Now, for every 3 purchase of this Zakka Baby Japanese Charcoal Facial Mask - RM39 each, you will get 10 pieces collagen eye masks for FREE (while stock last!) + free delivery!

Zakka Baby NOW is No.1 in Japan, and 100% charcoal, no colouring, no added fragrant, and low acidic type of mask. Grab one and try! I still love firming series because it makes me feel young! :P

Beside that, Angelababy and some of Taiwan Artist also using Zakka Baby!
Hurry up! Grab one box today :)

Purchase 3 boxes free 10 pieces of eye collagen mask :)

Contact seller at:  Facebook - Joelle Ng or WeChat ID - sinz56


  1. Wow... This seems to be a great addition to my sheet mask collection... haha...
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks ya! Hope you like this mask after you try it :)

  2. *gasp* So this is the mask Angelababy used in the show! I was wondering when I saw her walking around with a black mask, hahaha

    1. But she still very pretty with her black mask, unlike mine - SCARY lol :P


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