Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[Review] Fruit Juices Detox by Fresh Code

If you're following my Instagram or Facebook recently, then you will notice that I'm using Fruit Juices for 7 days DETOX! This program is very effective as it is cleansing your digestive system especially your colon. As a result, I lost 3kg in total, and most importantly I don't gain back after this program!

Can't wait to try it out, to let Fresh Code detox all bad toxins inside my body! XOXO

So all together they're 7 types of fruit juices you need to consume from Day 1 to Day 7 which is recommended by Fresh Code.

Day 1 - Green Miracle (63 Pics Veggie and Pear)
Day 2 - High Fiber Pineapple (6 Pics Pineapple)
Day 3 - Passion Fruit (36 Pics Passion Fruit)
Day 4 - Soursop Juice (4 Soursop)
Day 5 - Tropical Mix Juice (48 Pics Mix Mango, Banana, Passion and Pineapple)
Day 6 - Mango Juice (20 Mango)
Day 7 - Durian Juice (1 Durian) or Lychee Juice (120 Pics Lychee), I choose Lychee because it is very hard to get Lychee in Malaysia :P

So questions come now, how to DETOX?

Step 1: Defrost the Juice of the day! Normally I will defrost it the night before I went to sleep, so in the early morning, it is fully defrost, and it is ready to pour out!

Step 2: Juice taken BEFORE breakfast, lunch and dinner. 1 pack of juice contain of 1 liter volume, so you just need to divide it to 3 times. Each glass approximately 300-350ml (I purchased a transparent jar come with a cover at Daiso, only RM5.30 and full glass approximately 400ml, so I just agak-agak 300ml only*)

So, I add the juice until the Red Arrow Line, and add a little bit of water until it full.
You can add Chia Seed for better texture :)

Step 3: LIGHT Meal for these 7 days! You must keep your temptation away from heavy food like curry, laksa, fried fried stuff, nasi lemak, satay and so on! Just for 7 days btw, not forever :P


So yeah, this question come to my mind when I saw Detox Program. After reading through a lot of articles, search on websites and social medias, I found out that LIGHT Meal means smth very simple, healthy and nutritive. Your MEAL must contain Healthy Fat, Fiber, Protein and Carbohydrate. But I'm trying my best so that each meal can contain each of them!

Now I'm gonna share my Breakfast Menu from Day 1 to Day 7. Here we go!

Day 1: Green Miracle

Juice + Oat 25 biscuit

Day 2: High Fiber Pineapple

Juice + Oat 25 with Strawberry Pieces

Day 3: Passion Juice

Juice + 2 slides of Banana Chocolate Cake + Strawberries

Day 4: Soursop Juice

Juice + Oat 25 + Banana

Day 5: Tropical Mix Juice

Juice + Whole Wheat Bread with Peanut & Banana

Day 6: Mango Juice

Juice + Plum + Yogood 

Day 7: Lychee Juice

Juice + Whole Wheat Bread with Hard Boiled Egg & Tomato Cucumber

These are some Random Simple Meal I taken from Day 1 to Day 7, sometimes I just take soup before sleep (Detox week I sleep from 10pm-8am :P)

That's all, the rest I didn't take maybe I'm too hungry! Oops! :P

Yeah! Finally done 7 days detox! Now I can't wait to share my amazing result of Detox Program by Fresh Code. I dropped 3kg and I'm very satisfy with the result. Most importantly I don't gain weight! :D

Most Accurate Measurement: You must measure before you eat breakfast!

Until now I still manage to maintain my weight from 62-63kg, and I still practice 1 week 2 days detox to keep my body weight in control. My daily workout routine 10 mins - 30 mins, at least 5 times a week!

Important Notes:

- You can get better result with EXERCISE. It is good to do some exercise like Cardio, weight lifting or HIIT for 20-30 mins, along these 7 days detox. I know is tired but result always worth at the end!
- You must drink plenty of water as your body need a lot of water for detoxification! If not you might experience headache or body heatiness!
- Pregnant women not suitable for this detoxification problem but can consume fruit juice in normal way for nutrition purpose.

Ohya forgot about the pricing. Paiseh paiseh.

Lychee Detox Package: RM199.30
Durian Detox Package: RM214.10

There're also other fruit juices you can choose from Fresh Code! I get myself Mix Berries juice and also Mango Juice as my bf really love Mango :)

So yeah! Now I can wear back my sexy singlet, crop top, sport bra and short pant - Size 29 and M that I bought previously! OMG *happy happy*

CONTACT Fresh Code at: for more information!
Happy Detox everyone!


  1. sounds great! Congratz for losing weight! :D

  2. Ah!! *clap hands* The detox really very good! You are eating so healthily. Feel so guilty with all the food I have been eating! haha


    1. Nah no la, I still eat cheat meal, I will detox every 2-3 months :)

  3. i think u also lose weight due to eating so little, i feel hungry and wanna eat more after seeing so little food wahhaha

    1. Yea, need to take low calories food. Hehehe once you eat clean then you won't craving for oily or fatty food already :D

  4. Those food are like my snack time, my meal triple that amount hehe... I've tried juicing before for 1 day, could not last for half a day and I gave up. I won a 1 day juice meals from "Sip My Juice" can find them on facebook hehe... I still believe in eating moderately and sometimes healthy (need to eat sinful food for cravings even its bad la hehe)... And exercise is a must hehe.. But congrats shedding a few kg off, not easy okay. It's hard work!

    1. Thanks ya babe! It's really hard to go through these 7 days! You should keep your determination on going! I'll always support you ya ;)

  5. I love to drink juices....good to detox and become healthier..

  6. I actually tried detox,and yes I did lose weight - until I started back my heavy eating habit! :3 Hahaha,anyways congrats on losing weight :D Most importantly,eating healthily x

    1. Thanks ya dear. Need to make eat clean as a habit if not you will easily get back to your old and bad habit hehehe

  7. omg the food you eat is so nice eh! hahaha I love juice but too lazy to blend myself. This sounds good..

    1. Thanks ya babe! I love every food that I had prepared. It always make my day. Hehehehe

  8. I really admire people who can maintain eating healthy and so less only TT If me I will surely be lazy to prepare all those food lar xD
    Congrats on your success detox journey ya!


    1. You always can start your eat clean plan ya! BTW thanks ya! ;)

  9. You look like you're on a controlled healthy diet. Not to sure if i can trust myself with the tons of variety of food we have here in Malaysia. HAHA. But good job on losing wait. I admire your consistency to be very responsible on your diet.


    1. Can can dear. As long you got this word - DISCIPLINE inside your mind. Hiak hiak, can't resist nice food in Msia right? XD

  10. What, lose 3 kg in total! I definitely need to try this out too!

    1. Yeah, thanks God and I manage to maintain it! :D

  11. wow.... amazing... I think I need to try this too...
    I have followed your blog...

    please follow me too if possible...

    1. Thanks ya hehehe. Followed your blog earlier too ya! :D

  12. I love freshcode too. Just that I don't really love the mango. A little difficult for me to drink. But it is my personal flavour problem la.

    1. Maybe you should add a little bit of water, taste smoother btw. I still love all of them! :D

  13. Wow. I going to try this as I aim to lost 3 kg. I hope this work on me too. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. You're most welcome! Let's stay fit and slim together ;D

  14. Looks good..I should try too

  15. can share out your lunch and dinner menu also ah? I'm gonna to try out this :) i want 3kg lost also!

  16. Your MEAL must contain Healthy Fat, Fiber, Protein and Carbohydrate. But I'm trying my best so that each meal can contain each of them!

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