Saturday, December 12, 2015

[Review] Bio-Oil - My Scar Savior

Hello everyone! Back to skin review again. First of all, do you know what is SCAR? Yes, for me definitely. Want to know more about my SCAR story?

Here's the story:

I'm a very naughty girl during my childhood. I own few obvious scars on my both knees since young, but I am still hyperactive. For the past 5 years, when I involved in modeling job, few clients reject me due to my bad scars, hence it makes me start to reject on wearing short skirts or short pants. I really really wish my scar can be reduce and gain my confident to wear back my fashion clothes!

But don't worry, thanks to Bio-Oil for giving hope to me that it helps to reduce scar within 3 months (still on progress! Yay!)

But my teenage dream to become a MODEL never stop me down! Let me show you all one of my past favorite modeling picture by bunch of talented photographers!

Yes, do you know what is Bio-Oil?
  • It is a specialist skincare product formulated to help in improving the appearance of your scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. 
  • With the unique formulation - PurCellin Oil, it is highly effective on ageing and dehydrated skin.
  • It is also can use on face and over whole body. 
Talking about the texture and fragrance~
  • Personally think that you won't feel oily at all after applied it on our scars, and with mild nice fragrant, you will feel very comfortable after the application on your scar.

This Bio-Oil proved to be benefit on: 
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Ageing Skin
  • Dehydrated skin

  • Apply twice a day for a minimum of 3 months (Pregnancy: Apply twice daily for the start of the second trimester)
Comment: Other than that, it is rich in Vitamins A & E which helps my skin getting better day by day. It also include with calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile oils, which gives really nice smell during application. The texture is non-greasy, rapidly absorbed and most importantly it is hypoallergenic. Bio-oil suitable for sensitive skin and all type of skin! It is known as HALAL product as well.

I will recommended for those who are having scars, especially fresh scars. This is because it works perfectly on my bf's scar after his small operation on his back. Mine one gonna take times for getting rid of it, but I will work hard until 3rd months and see out the result! :D

Let's stay pretty without SCARS ;)

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  1. I need this for the stubborn scar on my leg too! Hope it works well after some time

  2. I like this oil... it helps me so much too.. it is a must have for every girl

  3. I have old scars that never fade. I hope this will be effective on me.

  4. Nice. I am using this oil now for my scars! Can't wait to see the results

  5. wow! you really can be a talented model! nice photo shoots! superb like :) cheers,siennylovesdrawing

  6. Wow looking amazing my dear! I love Bio Oil too.

  7. My son got scars at his leg after some scratching. I need this oil. Looks good.

  8. yeah I have got scars that I wanna hide. Now got this, I can go buy and try.

  9. I got scars from my cat's scratches too. I think im gonna get this to heal the scars. Thank you for sharing though

  10. Didn't know about Bio-Oil can heals scar until I read your post, would like to try as well :)

  11. i can attest to the effectiveness of this product. the wife used it before, during and after her pregnancy.. helps in the stretch marks!

  12. stubborn old scars takes much longer time to see some results compared to fresh ones. Gotta have patience :)

  13. I have scar in my right hand. Old one, is this really fade our scar? Need this!


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