Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cash Back with ShopBack Malaysia, included Taobao!


Yes, do you ever heard about it? For me definitely YES, such an amazing website! Now I'm gonna let you all know more about ShopBack, a website can let you earn back $$ while you are shopping, sound awesome right?

The most interesting part is, I registered ShopBack for the past few months, and they cash back with RM30++ without notice while I'm doing my online shopping! OMG OMG, such a great website! ShopBack is known as Top Cash Back Site in Malaysia!


VISIT it HERE now, and signing up with Email or Facebook, super simple and easy! ;)

What's my favorite website you ask me?

Definitely TAOBAO! I always go for Taobao shopping since few years back, really wish I got ShopBack account that time so that I can earn more cash back for shopping! LOL, it wasn't too late to have it now :P

In Taobao, I can get whatever I want, by go through sales and comment, or private message (PM) with shop owner, you can get exactly what you want! Included clothes, shoes, accessories, workout equipment, as well as some sensitive items like masks, soap, shampoo etc!

It can cash up to 10%! Means if you buy RMB200, you might csh back with RMB20! BTW guess more than few k I purchase in Taobao for the past few years T.T

Just few steps you guys can save $$ while shopping!

STEP 1: 
Copy the name of the item that you want on Taobao. Then, paste it in ShopBack search box at

You will be redirected to where your search results will be shown. ONLY items that appear will be cash back by ShopBack.

If there are no results shown in, Cashback is not available for that item. Opps! :(

But if you see the item that you want, click on it and be redirected to a new window. Don’t worry because Cashback is still being tracked! Yay!

Add to cart and checkout as per usual! You’ve just earned yourself up to 10% Cashback!

ENJOY TAOBAO Promotion now, for your CNY online shopping! Yay!

Other than that, you can also enjoy FREE SHIPPING through ShopBack! How cool is it? For example, you can enjoy FREE Delivery with minimum purchase of RM75 and 30 days free return on Zalora website ;)

Get FREE SHIPPING from your favorite shop now! Without shipping free, you gonna save a lot! ;)

Here's attach with a video so that you guys going to have more understanding on it! Fast fast register youself a ShopBack account, and start cash back today.

REGISTER yourself a ShopBack account - HERE, be a smart online shopping USER ;)

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  1. Im using shopback too :) nice to have discounts from time to time

  2. I love shopping online, got to let friends know of this.
    Shopback is one of online tht i use.

  3. I love shopping online, got to let friends know of this.
    Shopback is one of online tht i use.

  4. So I am going to start my online shopping spree some, perhaps going to try this.

  5. Shopback is amazing to save more!! Love all the discounts

  6. Love shopback a lot! But Taobao hor, a little troublesome. I have to search every single thing on it only i can get rebate eh.. =(

  7. Loving the convenience of being able to shop online to find amazing deals as well as to get extra cash rebates is a dream... I never tried shopping on Taobao yet though... will check and see lo

  8. online shopping is the trend now.

  9. shopback is partnering with so many other online sites now.. i haven't used it for taobao, but have used it a couple of times for lazada and groupon purchases.

  10. Shopback is really awesome dear - it gives rather good rebates; its like doing savings during online shopping :)

  11. this is an awesome sharing Jacqueline :) am gonna check this out for my CNY shopping :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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  13. Hi, Get EXTRA RM5 cashback with Shopback today! Redeem it at

  14. Have read many blogs in the net but have never come across such a well written blog. Good work keep it up.
    Cashback Shopping Malaysia


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