Friday, July 30, 2010

Great day with Christy!!=)

Christy and me~!!xD

We went to Time Square, Low Yat and Sg Weng shopping~
Extremely tired and having body ache now..
Actually i'm very sleepy but i still want to update my blog~
hehe..want share everything with u all..

Beside that we also went to sing RED BOX..
sing until voice break down..
even when BF call me, he ask what happen to my voice..
haha, shout too much in singing~xD
damn funny and enjoy singing~~
BECOME a MEMBERSHIP only RM5 and will granted back~
on birthday and some big events~^^

Then i bought alot of clothes~will show u when i wear it..
hehehe..spent a lot yesterday..
really bankrupt soon~T-T
but already months i didn't enjoy shopping!!
my roommate said something funny and interesting yesterday..
Shopping NO harms! Only Shopping Can Shows U is A Girl~!!

Some SS photos here~^^
Hope u all have a nice day~xD

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