Friday, July 23, 2010


Before that..i need help from u all..
Hiah~votes until so tired~
even Vinc so worried me! He scare i will fall sick coz of this VOTES~
anyway,i try my best~
coz once i start! there is no way to return..
must try ur best to complete ur favor~xD

Here is me~Thanks alot~

I appreciate it very much^^

1st step: Click Like on

Thank you and I really appreciate it~xD

Have a Great day!!

DUE DATE: 31 JULY 2010


Now let's move into..SATAY~
Love it so much~ nice and tasty~yummy!! miss it~
But for me..i only eat chicken~
Beef exclude..My dear too^^
so only chicken satay we took yesterday~

Satay~Yum Yum~xD

Cannot see the store's name..
But i know is near Kuantan's beach~
Double store and it's name include SATAY this word~
Must try~
it is nice~and u gonna miss it one~xD

Hahhahaha~~With Vinc~xD

Horrey~100 days with him is coming~I Love You!
Have a nice day all my frenz~

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