Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clinical Placement-1

I dunno this week how suffer and sick i was. It is terrible! What a challenge experience that i ever had before!
I was extremely sick and so tired for this practical week at hospital.  Ya, I learn a lot of things call reality. It is not easy to live in this world, but you can choose to live a better life. 
All choice is on your hand. =)

What a funny face with mask!!><''
Bad cough, flu, fever continually and pls take care of yourself!

Whole week process arh? I don't think i manage to explain to you all here, coz is too much things. Let see some funny event we're experience during clinical placement. =P

A middle age woman is laying on the patient bed at gymnasium dpt. Then one of us try to approach her. 
Student: Aunty, may i know your name? I'm a student from XXX would like to take some information from you. 
Patient: I'm not Aunty, i'm Dr Wong from XXX. Pls remember it! How many times you want to take from me? I need to continue in this treatment. 
Student: ... Roughly 5 minutes. Sigh. *pity*

Note: We only having 1st practical and it is not easy to recognize every single face of doctor at Hospital right?

An 30++ ages Malay uncle is having treatment at Electro-therapy dpt. One of us going to call him. But she dunno what name to call him is better and much respected. 
Suddenly, a student: Abang! Can i interview you?
LOL, all the students behind there laugh. Then the Malay student come over to tell her that ''Abang'' is for a Malay woman to call her husband. It is sweat. =.=''

Note: Pls make sure what is a proper and respected name to call an uncle or aunty. 

A gold age uncle was standing there waiting for treatment. One of us try to interview him.
Student: Pak Cik..
Suddenly that uncle got a big respond. He said: Jangan panggil saya Pak Cik, panggil saya Atuk. Atuk dah tua lah ni. =.=''

Note: Some patients love to call him/her depend on their age. But some might not. This Atuk is damn funny.

Ya, still a lot of funny things happen around. It is a nice experience and some times we get scold from the H.O.D. It also a good experience because they want us to remember in our mind forever. Actually they don't want to scold us at all! What to do? If too manja then we will getting naughty! We are students now and we are willing to learn everything at hospital. Right?
Next time we can lend a hand to those who are needed help in this world.

Feel so proud that all the Physiotherapist are willing to sacrifice their whole life to treat and help those needed patients. They always give cares, loves, times, patients, and scarification just to help them back to normal lifestyle! I wish one day i could be like them also! 

Yesterday we are having a small event at hospital. It was awesome! Never experience such a nice and memorable day!

Ya, yesterday Pediatric (kids) dpt of hospital organize a meaningful activity- Fun Therapy.

The main purpose for this activities is give a good interaction between physiotherapist, parents and kids. The kids having treatment here most are having some deformities, early and late delivery, Celebral Palsy and so on that make them lead to abnormal lifestyle.

Although they're having some problem with their life, but they still stay happy and always play like other normal kids. This really make me felt like no different actually among all the kids!

They are so naughty and throwing all the balls and i'm the one who pick it. Pity. 
But i'm really touch and proud of them. They never give up their life! =)

Ya, she is the little girl that i take care yesterday. One of her hand cannot grip anything. But this never block her from playing games with other kids. And her group won the 1st price. Proud of her and other kids that give a lot of effort in their games!

Beside that, another things that make me very touch is their parents never give up of them. Some of them are from far away and they still use taxi to go and back. They really sacrifice their times and money on their children. So all my friends, you should be proud of yourself that thanks God for giving such a perfect health and body to us! Never try to blame Him! He loves us so much!

LOL, i was having bad flu and cough so i wear mask all the time!=P

Okay, stop here. Coz i was damn tired and sleepy now. Have nice day! Miss you all. 

A Sharing here. By Vinc. =D
My laptop bluetooth is break down. But he is at Kuantan and i'm at KL.
 He using Team Viewer to assess and repair my laptop through internet. Now it is functional properly! Damn proud to own him as my lover! 
Hope you all enjoy this software, it is awesome!

Yesterday actually my bluetooth now working so i dun update my blog. Sorry for the delay!

Enjoy reading! Bye!

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