Monday, October 25, 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 - The Global Art of Mixing

I'm the lucky girl on 23- Oct- 2010! 
Gosh, i cant believe i got the invitation through my friend. 
I was wondering how can I manage to get into the Hennessy Artistry Event at 1st or maybe just wait other bloggers upload the photos on the spot to their blog and read with my envy heart.

But God know my desire! Love it so much. Thanks Lyn, my beloved housemate that invite me go to the event. It is awesome! This is my 2nd blogger event after Vaseline party. 
I appreciate the opportunities that they give to me. Start to be a blogger now! 
It's benefit your whole life with gorgeous events!

This is the invitation card for normal ppl lah. ><

Ya. this is me..=D

This time i try make up myself. Not bad. Love the effect of the photo. =P
Just i'm very lazy to put on the fake eye lashes. ><

Ya, this is my housemate- Lyn. Same hometown- Sarawak. x)

Actually we took quite a long time to reach there. Ya, coz we're not originated from KL. so Paiseh. 
LOL. But finally we found it.

This is not the main entrance. LOL.
It is at Mines, Sepang there. ><'' far from PJ here.

Liki and me.=)
She is super hot! Love her body! damn slim..

Finally is 3 of us. Liki, Lyn and me myself. =P

LOL. this part is ready for ppl take picture with the Hennessy's frame. Damn creative!

Ya, they are from MTV channel. =D
cool! 1st time experience this kind of awesome event.

This is the concert and clubbing zone. x)

LOL. lots of SS photos. 1st time mah. Forgive me. wtf

LOL. these photos look damn funny. x)


On the way to washroom, I met her. Damn pretty!

With some bloggers! xD

Hennessy VSOP. I don't really drink that night due to my sick and poor health. Actually i love alcohol one. But only can drink excessively when got Vinc take care of me. Cos most of the time i will lost control. How pity is me! xD


All of them is here! Damn nice!=D

 Ya, before going back, I took a photo at the main enter! xD

Can you see the signature at the back? Awesome! xD

Last but not least, I follow Jayren's car going back to PJ, LOL. 1st time i meet all these bloggers. Weeee..
They can recognize me 1st they saw me in the event! Coz some bloggers cannot recognize me at the Vaseline Party. I meet Jiayee, Henry, Liki, Dedek, and some others nice bloggers!

It was 1st time in my life! Thanks for the invitation! x)
Then 6 of us squeeze in Jayren's car. Can you see all of us?
Luckily got Jayren willing to fetch us back or else i need to stay until the next morning!T^T

Enjoy this party so much!<3

Enjoy reading and BLAST!



  1. wah u got go le~~ so niceee~~~

  2. Ya dear.. i also shock my friend got extra invitation. Sigh, just cant drink too much of alcohol. =(

  3. wah!! so tekejut!! im also in that car huhuhu...but only nmpk GIGI~ hehehe...nice to meet u here ;)

  4. hahaha..yalor, damn funny lea you..=P
    Nice to meet u too!


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