Saturday, October 30, 2010

Temptation? By Encore

Last day is my last day for my practical. The feeling of complete a mission is so great! Finally i can complete the clinical placement without any complaining and complication!

Will update again with my ugly face and uniform to my blog.


Seriously, i don't really dunno what to blog again. Sigh, seem my final exam is getting nearer, most of my friend started to face-book. Damn stress, coz i not even start my assignment and revision! I'm always the laziest and most stupid one in the class. Isn't?

Some more, now almost end of the year already! Lots of nice event and party launching around KL, but so far so poor, I don't have enough time and $ to get involved. Anyway, I'm always waiting bloggers posting their nice photos to the blog!

Happy Halloween! Ya, i almost forgot this special event! How you all celebrate about it? Sure lots of fun there. Hey, I'm waiting for your sharing! I know most of my friend going to club and party! Enjoy it ya!

But so sad i'm still in sick condition. Will be recovered soon! =)




Heh, lets come back to Temptation. =P

Yah, I went to this party on last few days. Such a shame that i forgot which day i was going I think is Wednesday right? Paiseh, latest 2 weeks that i have undergo is extremely busy and some times only sleep for hours! Read my previous post and you will know why.

You know?

Got a ppl told me that this event is specialize for guys only. Coz so many hot and sexy gals dancing there!
I was trying to become one of them. Hahaha.
but i know my body always stick with a thick layer of fat molecule! LOL

Hmm.. This is their place to give drinks. Yah. you need to have the voucher to get the drink. =)

LOL, here is the drinks. For me is nice lah, coz it is sweet. Seem to fall in love with it. But dunno why during Hennessy Artistry i can't really drink whole glass. Perhaps too sick it make your tongue taste bitter?

Anyone can explain for me?

Yes, left side is my housemate, lyn. =)
Left side is Joyce the Fairy of

Erm. not much photos in taken on that night.

Lyn, Henry and me. =)
That's all. I dun see my fav blogger.

How sad is it. But never mind, sure i will meet her one day!

LOL. Is a bit funny when i saw this photo. Hao Lian. U know what is meant?

Sigh, so sleepy everytime i'm free! Wake up baby! =X

Don't sleep too much. It can cause u fat, no wonder Vinc always laugh me y i diet even gain more weight? Yesterday i read an article at Hospital Library. It said why some ppl can eat so much and yet he/she never gain fat? Yah, the answer is so simple.

*Because their body metabolism is higher than us*

I dunno the whether it is true or false but i want to try, because I knew that my body metabolism is super low. That's y everytime i eat a little bit also can cause me fat! The article wrote that for every single 2-3 hours you can eat your fav food, but for sure..don't all oily or fried food nah. Get more fibers like Vegetables and Fruits. Don't miss and skip your 3 meals! Heheh, i use to be like this in previous month, and end up with my wright increase to 5 KG!

Gosh, isn't horrible?

Seek for dietitian for help if you face any difficulties!

Okay! All the best and Enjoy ur Halloween!
Have a nice and pleasant day!=)


  1. haiz...geram nya...ur figure is alot better than me okay? ur shape is there ler....i got nothing but fat at the wrong place only >.<|||

    lastime i went for a check, my metabolism rate is 13xx, consider quite high, but how come im damn big size ler? sumore i x eat meat (due to the fact im really lazy to chew) and eat alot veges....oh god...

  2. lovely bell~<3 how is ur BMI? what i read at the magazine show eat more will increase the rate of body metabolism..
    Anyway, i think more exercise will help you indirectly!

    I wish i can have a model's body shape..=P


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