Friday, November 26, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Do you ever realize or notice that, the act of child abuse getting worse in Malaysia?? Nope! Should be over the WORLD! I'm concern about it! That's why I make the decision to blog about the action of those cruel, cold blood and non-humanities people!! 

Children are angels for all of parents, aren't? 
Not 100% of them are the action of parents, non-responsible maid, baby sitter, friends and teachers also contribute to this Child Abuse! 
Begin with my story..(Child abuse by maid)

During my practical at hospital KL on previous month, I was expose the real  life of a kid. Department that i always enter was Pediatric Section. Here is my previous post, 1st Clinical Placement. My tears drop cause most of the action done by maid, troubles happening then. What actually the house maid done to the baby?

I know a baby girl, she is born in last year, 2009, now she only 1 year++, she still unable to talk, walk independence, and even catch something firmly like other baby done. Parents are full time career, need to work more than 8-10 hours per day, so house maid take over the job to take care the baby. 

Child abuse always happen secretly behind there, MAID dunno how and when throw the baby from high place due to the non-stop crying ! Baby's head reach the floor 1st then followed by body! Blood clot occurring in the brain on the spot! However, the maid still try to hide the truth but parents of baby see the abnormalities behavior come after that. 

After in forceful asking the maid, then she just tell the truth! Baby undergo brain surgery and cause the nerve injury and nowadays baby is respond slower than normal. This is true story during my practical.

Following by crueler story, insane maid behavior! She responsible to take care 2 babies of the house owner. 1 is boy and another is girl baby, maid always take good care on the baby boy!  While baby girl is crying or fighting with baby boy, the maid will try whatever method (kick the baby, stand on her, throwing away) to let the baby boy happy! 

Imagine baby bone is soft due to not fully develop process! If a big adult standing on her??!!! Throwing away on the high place??!!! I cant think of it! Bone will turn in debris form!wth

Gosh, don't ever let maid to take care your baby nowadays, only you yourself can be believe!

These is CHILD ABUSE by maid!

For parents? - child abuse?

I cant really dare to share about it! It can turn in nightmare for me. Terrible and Shivering when i saw this photo! Full of blood! My goodness, I cannot believe that parents of the child dare to do those cruel act on them!! Child is born by YOU, you responsible to take care of them as well. BUT, why you HURT them? They are GOD's gift, non of us has the power and command to destroy them!

What i know is nearly same as below, heartless parents treat the baby like a doll, throwing here and there, using kettle, iron, cigarettes, use hard things to smash onto the kids.

I have no energy and no mood to repeat those stories, it really broke my heart! I wish we can stay in peace as in fairy tale, can i? may i? I don't want to see those angels get hurt again.

Truly disappointed on these parents and those who love to CHILD ABUSE! wtf

SERIOUSLY hurt and depress!

Let you see the child abuse's real face.

I cannot see the wonderful world

I'm only 3 years old

My eyes are swollen

Anyone can lend me your hand to help me?

I must born in wrong place 

This is not the home that i want to be

What else i can do? 

Why my daddy so mad?

I want a warm and lovely family

He slaps me and hits me from the back

Finally i try to run away from house

But unluckily

He's already locked it

And I start to bawl

He takes me and throws me against the hard wall.

I fall to the floor and cry

with my bones nearly broken,

And my Daddy continues

With more bad word spoken.

He treat me like a toy, seem like playing a horrible online game!

But dad, i'm your son, I wish we can happy as other family does, may i?


This is the story through online, tears drop everytime i saw this kind of picha, listen to horrible child abuse news increase day by day.

Wake up all of the world,

kids are our next generation's world builder!

 We still need them to complete our life,

our mission and bring hope to COUNTRY!

 Pls watch this video, it is meaningful =) 





I don't want to see any 
------CHILD ABUSE ANYMORE! --------


  1. it's a pity... they have been destroying the child's future... I'm sad to see this abusive act done by brainless humanity!

  2. Yah, totally agree with it. Heartless at all. It's make me EMO whole day!=(


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