Friday, November 12, 2010

Muscular Diagram =)

Today i went to Mid Velley. Alone, sigh. But only went for 2 hours.x)

Guess what im doing there? Erm..fill my empty stock at home! Is totally finish. Nothing can let me cook except white rice. T.T Damn pity. Want to fill my stomach also tough!
I buy a lot of food stuff but i dun take any photos! After exam im totally collapse. However, i dun think i able to pass in this mock exam. All question come out from books but impossible for me to memorize all, unless i read it everyday. Sigh. But Final Exam still got 2 weeks to go. Damn stress! ><''

Aza Aza Fighting! 

For Physiotherapy friends:

Hereby to share a muscular diagram.
Just click the photo and you will get the original size. And don't forget copy to put at ur lappie destop!

LOL, i capture it at Block C, E2 this evening. 
Make sure u remember where is the muscle located, originated and inserted. =D

Recently become botak already! ><''
Dunno is over stress? Eat too many instant mee? LOL. I dun, okay? I will take care myself as well. 

Enjoy after exam ya! Sing K sing K!
 Shopping! Honey Moon! LOL.

Have a nice day ya! =D


  1. Don't eat too many maggi. eat mcdonald's instead :p take care ok

  2. thanks! hehe. KFC is recommended. LOL. You too. =P


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