Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Today after finish typed jor my assignment references then i was hang out with my roommate!
Surprisingly, i met Jamie! LOL.
How lucky is me, coz i tot she was going off with her friends. x)
Fate make us meet each other. *happy*

LOL, we meet up at PapaRich, The Garden. :P
I think that i couldn't meet up her anymore, coz she will going back to Aus soon!
But fate did let us meet up. Hehe
Keep in touch and Friendship never end!!


Today hang out with my cutie roommate! CUTE and NICE! x)

LOL, coz we passed from The Garden to Mid Velley, from 3rd floor. Captured there.
Seriously, this is my 1st time so shock when i saw so many teddy bears around, damn nice and felt that i was in the kid wonderland. LOL

Full of HUMAN..
LOL, they r busy taking picha! Christmas lea! 1 year 1 time. x)
But too bad, too many ppl cause traffic jam.

Shoppies are decorate with christmas stuffs! Fancy!! x)

Sales Sales Saless!! XP

Leng leng right?
Look like Kid Paradise! x)

Love it so much! Just sharing. LOL

Got few dolls hide inside there lea. Damn cute. Can anyone tell me who is beside the teddy bear?><''

Gaint teddy bear! LOL, even my roommate cant hug it fully. xD

Love this picha the most!
TEDDY BEAR: I'm the owner of this christmas tree! Stop taking my picha!!!

LOL. Enjoy and have fun! x)

Merry Christmas!! But not yet lea, 13 days to go!! Countdown!

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