Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Damn full now, eat too much i think. dunno what to do what so i decide to update my blog now. LOL.
Somemore no mood to complete my assignment. ><''

Just now found a nice picha in Vinc's phone. Quite nice and miss my front hair. When i gonna cut my front hair wor? Now really out of idea to change what style wor. My hair colour also gone jor nowadays. Really headache neh. Awwww

Love this photo so much!!
but too bad the glass is fake one! ><''

Muaks! LOL, i know is funny but i love it so much, just realize how sexy is me when *KISSING* him!

Still remember i win the 3D ticket at GSC at Mid Velley??
 but at last i watch with my Vinc at Kuantan, this is the power of love. LOL, unbelievable! Sacrifice for him neh. then i pass this ticket to Christy and Amy. By the way, Joey won the ticket too! LOL, she bring along Jocelyn to that screening! They really enjoy it. ><''

LOL, Watching Narnia 3D, this is my 1st time watching owh!x)
Damn exited at 1st, but a bit dizzy after watching for a long period, anyway, love the 3D screening so much!
thanks Vinc for accompany watching it. 

After watching Narnia, then we went to buy vegetables. LOL, how funny is price jot there only RM0.02! 
I know Vinc hate to walk supermarket! Take a lot of food stuffs and prepare to cook for him. Hmm, which girl dun wish to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner for her loves one?

But he always complain that my food not nice!!! Sad sad sad, emo til max!

Just now i ate Yong Tau Fu in curry soup! Damn nice! LOL. 
But i know the photo skills i took not so profession. Paiseh lah, hehehe!

Vinc ate Kolo mee! Make me miss those Kolo Mee from Kuching. T.T

Satay! Malaysia popular food!! x)
Don't miss the chance to taste it if u ever come to malaysia! 

Okay, share a cute image here. LOL.
Dunno where Vinc took this photo. Any idea? Especially those from Kuantan. x)

Time to bed! Good Night! Muacks!


  1. yoh !! ur 1st pic abit like 陈乔恩 lo!! so pretty !!

    u kuantan ppl?

  2. Hmm, I'm sarawakian, and how about u?

    Serious i look like her? XP
    Happy lea.

  3. Me too!! Love Satay but tat night too full, i only eat 2 then the rest finish by him..


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