Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Sunday! x)

LOL, i din meet up with him since October, last week finally we meet up!x)
Day with him really sweet. Nothing can compare with it!
B4 that, LOL. Merry Christmas! 19 days to go. Any planning during Christmas?><''
I'm still thinking about it!

Now shopping malls are designed with various decoration! Love it so much. Especially KL! Dont miss the chance to visit Pavilion, Mid Velly and Sunway Pyramid! Damn nice! x)

Cute, isn't? LOL, took at EC mall, Kuantan. xP

Hmm, yesterday i eat a lot, all his suggestions lor, huh, it seem like i'm very thin! Although we eat same food (no more or less) but why i'm still increase in weight? Why i'm obese? Why he still can maintain his perfect body shape and me? We both human what. ><''

This is the place near Kuantan Bus Station. LOL, im still not sure what is the place name although i have been here for infinity of time. LOL.

LOL, love char kueh so much!x)

LOL, he keep on scolding me y keep on capture those nonsense photos!
*I will delete ur blog one day!*
I dun care! Hehe, love to jot down every single moment that we experience mah. Right? x)

Nah..Showing smth, LOL.

Finish jor liaw. Damn spicy lor, HUH. make me drink jor 2 glass of leong cha. x(
After that we went to watch Popo that movie, damn funny and include a lot of moral value, is a good and nice movie! x)

Then go gai gai and mum mum. Day like normal couple went through! It is awesome! 
Thanks baby Vinc. <3

Some how i love my hair separate it to half wor, LOL. ><'' But too mature for me leh. 
Okay lah, after blogging i must continue my assignment!
*Paiseh for those ugly acne that stick on my face! ><''*

Will update more on my outing picha! Stay turn! x)

Enjoy ur day ya! <3


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