Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy Week

Well, sorry for late updating my blog. I was super busy with myself these few weeks.
*dunno wth im busy*

2nd Mac was my birthday! Thanks to my beloved Vinc, Joey and Christy willing to spend their golden time with me, damn touch with it! Vinc bring me to eat a lot of super nice food at Kuantan, really satisfy and grateful with what he did for me. His love for me get even deeper! Happy and appreciate it so much! They really colours my world~~
*Shy shy Shy*

with my dear dear

On my birthday that day.. Christy Joey and i went to Red Box for sing k at Law Yatt Quite a long time that we didn't hang out together already! Recently we really spending too much time on those BUSY stuffs, need to enjoy awhile to go for longer journey! Having lots of fun that day cause Christy and Joey shout at Red Box!! Hmm, i think we laugh more than singing?! LOL, at last we end out with sorethroat! 

Ohya ohya, I get lots of birthday voucher as well, just by joining as Red Box member :P

Some last for 30days and some 60days! Worth RM200 :)

We don't really do gyaru make up cos just a normal outing, but at last we end up with some weird feelings! We cant take pretty and nice photos! Sobs sobs, that's why that day we only take few pictures. 

Start from left, Christy, me and Joey :D
They are my coursemates as well as my buddies! Happy and proud to have them in my life, in short word is make my life more wonderful! <3

*Love this friendship photoss~*

This photo took when we all want go back PJ! Everyone busy acting ><
That's all, and lastly want to tell is, i received 200++ wishes in facebook, damn blissful cos all of u still remember my birthday!!:D


Okay, now turn my view to FOOD!! :)
Heard before Murni Mamak SS2? OMG, this food stall always crowded by lots of ppl. Btw, for me this kind of people never try delicious food at KL, until i met Vinc i start to pick nice food to eat! LOL, polluted by him.>< I think is a good thing for me! So that i can produce more nice food next time. 

Restoran SS2 Murni
Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya53 Jalan SS 2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya, Taman Sea, Malaysia

Giant fruit Juice with Nata and fresh food!! 
Well, i give 8/10 for the juice, really nice and really need to use lots of energy to drink it!
Okay, next is Roti Hawaii, most of my friends intro and remind me must try this whenever u go there! Seriously i was wondering what it look like actually, but ultimately i got it! Is mamak roti, which Vinc told me before in Pesta Ramadan. LOL

Cost RM5.50. Fill with luxury ingredients!:D
Ohya, mix the roti hawaii with 3 pastes behind there! You will get shock when u try it. Let me know after u try it!! Whether it is nice or not~~ LOL

Next, is nasi lemak. Hmm, i dunno when and why i fall in love with it. :S
This one i really dunno the exact price for it, but im sure is economic price! LOL

Now is Mee Raja, Well.. I think i quite unique cos of wonderful mixture of ingredients! Those who love seafood im sure u will get addicted to it soon. :P

LOL, all cost RM25++
3 of us cant really finish it, big amount of food LOL wth

Okay, that's all from this post, extremely busy with notes, dates with beloved!! I need to duplicate myself to do more works! GOSHH!! Time is not enough for me T______________________T

Gah yao gah yao, Jac Jac !!
Night Peeps! ^.^


  1. long time din eat murni ler.. miss it very much..hehe

  2. Nikel : Yaya, plan to go there again when im free^^

    CK : thanks <3

  3. his love for you gets deeper..awwwwww..i like this :) gambathe^^

  4. domokun, u too dear <3
    hope u stay happy with him too!! muackssssss

  5. Murni again~ Why recently COHORT4 peeps all kip go thr one~~~ LOL xD =__________=

  6. Jux: Nahhh.. not much time to go other far place to eat ehh:D

    Hilda: Thanks sweetie <3


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