Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Malaysia Day ;)

HOW ur Malaysia DAY Holiday?
Oh well, early morning of 16/9/2012, i went to eat most crowded BahKutTeh at Bukit Raja.

Total RM26++
for 2 ppl, with one dry bkt and soup bkt.
OMG, i really dunno the pork is so so so much. Actually i just want to tell u guys i ate too much that day.

DAMN, never try this again & say NO to BKT.
whole day i eat what and i vomit what.


Good news is i get back my WEIGHT already. Thanks God.
But bad news is im sick =___________________________________='''

Just see a doctor and she prescribe me some medication and i felt better and relieve right now. No worries!

Yah u can see through this picture! I'm OKAY!

Saw some lanterns at centro mall, which is opposite bf's condo. #pretty

Just bought any above RM60 at Centro mall u can claim ur lantern at customer service!

On Sunday, we went to Petaling Street to meet bf's friend from Terengganu! and I meet sweet couples from Sarawak! <3 p="p">

But when actually i reach there WE miss the moment to watch them DANCE cos i was at WC.
Bf keep on complaint ><''

Not much photos from this post! Cos i was sick and i will do it better on next post! :D

Have a nice day!

#photo by AHKIET

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