Wednesday, September 5, 2012

31/8, 1/9 & 2/9 Holiday!!

Yeah, i was doing my presentation. -_-
Again, last minute job. I RUSH, and RUSH and RUSH.
Luckily course-mates willing to help me in doing research. If not i think i couldn't present at all. 

Everytime presentation or exam or whatever that can stimulate ur nervous system, Im sure im having insomnia the day before. Even roommate asking why i woke up so many time last night. =.=''


Whatsoever lah! 

31/8 was holiday! That's the point.

I went to Berjaya Time Square with my love one, lots of young teenagers will hang out over there, but still got some of the HUMAN think that place are cheap ppl going one =.=''

Hmm, i still love this place, cos can get a lot of cheap and nais cloth ^^

Recently really dont make up, cos some ppl complaint i look too much different when i make up. So i be natural lor. Hmm, but now im having a big problem with my hair.


My hair really alang-alang long. ><''

NAH, here is my pichas.

*try to act cute but failed. ><''

BTW i walk for hours but i din buy dao anything from there. Too many choices will lead to confusing.
end up with nothing home.


YEAH finally 1 SEPT came.
Bf told me that his wish to JAM's concert.

He try to ask who want to sell their tickets at fb, but i told him try to search at google but he refuse.
and finally the early morning i woke up and

GOOGLE SEARCH : JAM's 1st Sept Genting Concert 2012

YEAH, i found a lot. Lots of them sold out. ==''
Kinda disappointed. Until i saw a last link. A pretty girl want to sell her friend's ticket, with half price to me. OMG, nvr think of IM SO LUCKY.
*she is so kind to me T-T

*my bf so surprise that day.


Source from : Lee Ping :)

Leng zai right? Yesterday bf share a link to me, about JAM's past history. Kinda touching.

Hope u like the sharing*
and the longer i watch him, the deeper i fall in love with him. wth

The concert end at 11pm and bf n i decided to stay on. LOL, we visit all the casino and i tried to play, i lost a lot. NO NEXT TIME. Luckily bf get it back for me.

The next day i went to Genting theme park. Such a long time i din go into there. LOL, have a lot of fun. Even JAM mention he did play the roarer coaster. LOL.

The high jump one really terrible. ><''
I play most of the games and really relaxed. But dunno why i get back depressed so easy.

OK, i will cool down again and hope i can manage my stress :)

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