Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Awesome Weekend 9/9 & 10/9

Last weekend was totally PACKED.
Until yesterday i just fully rest :')

Even my mind today not in the class. LOL. Next time dont play too much*

OHYA, last Saturday i went to HENNESSY ARTISTRY 2012 :3
I cant believe that i won the ticket from DEAR LINORA.
RED FM announcer ;)

But too bad that night they wrote my name JENNIFER YIP. 
*how big is the different with JACQUELINE KHOO.
WTH and this cause me i nearly leave KWC. BTW finally it settled with my bf's name written correctly =.='' #troublesome

Yeah, there are 4 long drinks available :)
I love apple the most. Taste awesome!

Summary of that night. LOL

my make up

*I love my front camera! SUPER CLeAR

BTW my boy boy was a little bit drunk that night HEHE.


Next day, We're going to Malacca. Un-plan trip :)

We got makan the chicken rice ball which introduced by so many ppl ><
BUT too bad my bf dislike it so much. @@

I still like the original chicken rice ><'' or maybe i went wrong shop? 

Then night time i went to makan satay celup!
Introduced by my friends too.

*copy from google

Hmmm cos too tired and i forgot to take picture @@
BTW Malacca really a great place to go! 
I will go again!!

Last but not least!


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