Friday, March 22, 2013

My love story with him

I meet him, through facebook for the past 3 years. We chat, we talk, we facebook each other and finally knowing for each other for few months, we hang out at the end.

Where we meet? I was at Johor Bharu and he was at Kuala Terengganu. On 12/4/2010, he drove there for more than 7 hours, just to meet me up. By the way i was rejecting to meet him up due to he is a stranger although we actually likes each other. However, that day i was rushing going back home as my uncle going to fetch me up. I still remember i was giving him only 15 mins to meet up, but his determination gather our fate to meet up. Yeah he fetch me back home. 

He gives me a lot of comfort feelings and he protect me a lot. I was originated from Sarawak and first time in this world i felt protected by someone, especially someone i admired. On 16/4/2010, we went clubbing and he presented me 6 roses, kneel down in front of so many people and ask me to become his gf. And he kiss me :')

#taken at Cabana Club, Johor 
YES, i accepted him.

Our stories began. We went to Pulau Perhentian and so many other places for vacation. However, after few months, we started to quarrel. We are not understanding each other, eat drink sleep stuffs also can quarrel. The quarrel world never end. After that, i went to Kuala Lumpur for continuing my degree holder and he will stay at Kuala Terengganu. 

#taken at Pulau Perhentian

We started our long distance relationship. It is not easy to maintain this love and always end up with tears on bed before sleeping because we missing each other too much. T.T We like only meet few weeks once. Then he move to Pahang for work, so that makes me easier to meet him on weekends. However his work does not smooth as we planned and finally he went back Kuala Terengganu again.

I was disappointed and i started to find parttime job and my relationship begin not stable and so many argument and sadness happen upon us. I have no idea what's ongoing on us. It's terribleand many unhappiness stuffs as well as accidents happened to me. I fall into depression again. We broke up.

Following the sense, i lost my laptop and my salary. Cheated by the house owner, betrayed by best friend, most horrible time in my life. But my bf, he still drive all the way from Kuala Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur to fetch me back to his house, although i said break up to him. On my hardest time in my life, he still cares and loves me. How dare i treat him like that?

#when we get back together

Yes, i get back to him again. I know this is a bit funny, my life return normal. To end up long distance relationship, he resigned and came to KL for accompanying me. How sweet is it, however I really have no idea why i kept complaining this and that. My mum were right, we are still too young for a date. World is changing. Trend is changing. Mind is changing as everything changed.

We broke up once again. 

We are thinking of are we still loving each other? Suit each other? or actually we are thinking too much. Yes, on one night, we meet up, and that's first love feelings came to me. I cried. 
I MISS HIM actually. So do him. T.T
Coming 16/4/2013 will be our 3 years anniversary. Cant wait for it!

We are more appreciating each other since we get back together for second time. We always went to church and receive God's blessing. This will be my last relationship that's i will bring it along to HEAVEN.

Always remember this:

You know why oldies ppl they wont divorce easily? Because our great grandparents told them that, once a thing broken, not throwing it away, but fix it.
Nowadays, the things broken, change! Like a phone, broken, change. Like a marriage life, broken, divorce. You can choose a better solution for your relationship!

Appreciate everything, don't wait you lost it and just start to appreciate. It will be too late! All the best couples! 


  1. Happy 3rd anniversary for you and your bf!:)

  2. ehhhhh so cutee!!! he kneel down ahhh waaaaaa <3<3

  3. happy 3rd anniversary jac..i'll pray for ur happiness..don't forget to jemput me later ok :)

  4. Jane: Thanks! :P same to u dear~~

    Domokun: Haha sometimes he quite romantic one XP

    Aqliliriana: Thanks ya! I will invite you all, you dont forget me too!


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