Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bridal Photoshooting

OMG i cant believe that i neglected my blog so so so long time ago!!

Im gonna blog back or else i will left behind all the bloggers!
Anyway, my life was not perfect as everyday i met the same problem and i always kept myself away from those such frustrated stuffs. *hmm not a good attitude*

Recently i was involved in photoshooting. Well, it's kinda tired due to girl sick, btw i enjoy a lot :)

Closed make up!

Just a very light make up actually can make yourself looks even prettier! Dont believe? YOU gonna try this!

Thanks to great photographers that give me a try on this. I dream this photoshooting theme such a long time already! Dress presented by Joey!
Check this album at fb! Exhausted Fairy!

Short dress presented by bf, Vinc at Sg Wang with bf during 2 years ago event! Now i take it out for shooting. Kinda nice and love it a lot.

Followed day i shoot bridal theme with all pretty dolls, include my best jimui, Christy!

Opps! Im using the same white flower on my head! Bought at Berjaya Times Square for RM6.90 only. Lol

From left: Me, Yummi, Gienie, Christy!

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