Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Post - 1

What a busy week. wtf
Monday blues some more today. I felt so unmotivated recently! what the heck happen to me? O.o

Getting weaker it seems like. Nooooooooooooo i dont want to fall sick.
Went swimming just now, but it's feel like no use at all. BTW according to Hit'z Fm, exercise can produce endorphin that's etc etc benefits. lol

Regular exercise has been proven to:
  • Reduce stress
  • Ward off anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase heart endurance
  • Increase energy levels
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Improve muscle tone and strength
  • Reduce body fat
  • Makes body fit

OMG can i do it? Yeah, gonna start my workout back as my muscles all turn floppy already. *not a good sign*

So dont be lazy. You can choose your body size :D

Okay, recently my friend pass me this!! Guess is what? Lol imma damn happy! Can give to those kitten and cats that live without food makan. 

Yeah, SHEBA. it's new brand new cat food. And it's a bit expensive, however i cant remember the price anymore. You can get it in any supermarket over the world. Lol

WORLDWIDE cat food. Sound so proud of you! 

I started to fall in love with cat, but my bf not so. He loves puppies compared kittens. ><''
He said if i rare kitten and he will rare puppy to fight me back. lol but if they are growing together perhaps they can become best friend. isn't?

For my own opinion, i think that cat food and dog food actually almost the same right? and can they share?


Here is my clinical placement random picture! Hope i can successfully complete my clinical placement! God bless Wish all the patient recover fast fast! ;)

Yay i know is a bit weird and funny but i enjoy the moment during this clinical placement! Have a lot of fun with them. lol with them my stress reduced as well! lol


  1. exercise more! it's tiring in the beginning but it's really improve ur health

  2. thanks! i will, i must increase the endurance of my body to fight the fats! lol


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