Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's July!

It's July!!

Seriously, I miss so much on going events at KL.
Btw family is always my closest lover and they never leave me alone anytime anywhere. So better stay in Sarawak. lol

Yeah, I love them! :)

But until now we still don't have chance to take family photo together cos my bro and me always go back on different timing. Gosh.
Gonna do it right after I graduate!

Cheese cake!
Yeah, without baked one. Mum teach me geh. Next time I can do for my love, jimui and also my bff.
Gonna do a tutorial how i made this.
Super easy.

I also made Rojak by using Bintangor's famous rojak sauce.
I know a bit failed but taste quite nice.
Meanwhile, no cucumber selling at Sarikei, guess the weather too hot cause no CUCUMBER. T____T

Yeah porridge. Lol
Craving for porridge since im so addicted to it, and the KCAL not so high as well.

And I also do PAO. lol guess im too boring at home.
lol not bad not bad but mum said still need to improve.

Still a lot of homemade food but maybe i too hungry so always i finish eat just baru tau i forgot to capture.
GREEDY girl. D:

Ooookay, now is my fav rojak I ate ever.

Previously I always complaint my phone not good enough to capture food.
But now i know how to use it. *try only know*

Ohyaaaa, this is Bintangor Rojak, I think most famous in Sarawak? lol
Must try if you come to Sibu or Sarikei.

My dad said if eat rojak must eat together with ABC special btw i dont have fate with ice, because im a girl.
Ice not good for health also hahaha. I think my bf gonna kill me if i stop him from drinking ice.

*I must improve myself in taking food picture, trying very best nowadays!*

Ohya, another new puppy come into my house. Aww he is super cute and adorable.
But too bad my big doggie don't like him. Perhaps i should get a female puppy for my big doggie.

More photo updates follow me at INSTAGRAM - JacJacKhoo

Last but not least, I'm so addicted to this game. POU (an alien pet)
Previously i saw my coursemate playing but somehow maybe too boring at my hometown, so i started to download it. 
Quite fun actually until my mum also get addicted to it. lol

When she is sick. U need to give health portion for her.

When she play ball. lol so cute!
And inside there a lot of games, must keep updated for more shops and also games!

lol creepy eyes, cute right?

Hope you all enjoy this games! :P
Higher levels then u can have more benefits. My youngest sister is 42 levels, omg i dunno how to chase over her. Damn.

Anyone who play this game pls drop your msg down here! So that i can FAV you :P


BTW going to Kch tomorrow for Church events.
Cant wait to see my grandparents there! And also quite craving for KOLO mee. T________T

More leng lui pic then follow me at INSTAGRAM ya.
Super paiseh post in FACEBOOK. Since im so old already :P


*Happy Reading*

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