Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Current Life

Last Friday, Selangor was HOLIDAY. And my dear boyboy said wanna bring me go KL gaigai *shopping*
After I came back from Sarawak, we never go shopping or somewhere else walk walk.

He always surprise me, although not often, but i felt he is actually quite romantic guy.

We went makan, makan and makan. Too busy makan until forgot to take picture. lol

Here's our couple pic!

Yeah, we went Sg Wang, Time Square, for window shopping. End of the month already, so we did window shopping! *Im a thoughtful gf right?*

A day before that, I saw ChurpChurp announce that CHATIME gonna giveaway 100 cups of free drinks! Line doll and also Samsung Galaxy 4!
I was there for Mid Valley, too bad I didn't get anything, but CHATIME. *satisfied*

With Line doll. Love it max, I really wish to get DOLLS. But i cant, so Friday Chatime Event will be at PAVILION, and we was there! So I bring my boyboy go to the event! More chance for me to get the dolls. lol 

So cute right? Yeap, love this pic! Ours memory, never end dear. Always written in this blog! 
You know what, this time the lucky draw not a DOLL, my bf won a S4! Happy till he cant sleep. lol

He is such a lucky guy!
Look at him, so happy! Btw im happy also because he pass his NOTE2 to me to use. LOL

Yea, he own all the best phone, but suddenly he said, he wan HTC ONE, which is the best phone in the world (Khabar again), is it?
Sorry everyone, Im a bit katak di bawah tempurung. lol

Anyway, I love NOTE2, best phone in my life. No phone can compared with it, except NOTE3, i guess la!



Apart from that, I start to make healthy food, learned from Joey!

Salad with sesame oil~ Eggs!
Mince meat cooked with traditional prego paste!
Love spiral more, compared with spaghetti, more easy to cook perhaps. :P

Most importantly, I use olive oil and coconut oil. I dont wanna have cholesterol in my blood. NO!

Other than that, I also started to use my blender!

#2 apples

#cut into cubes

#standby yogurts


Add all the apple cubes inside, 3 spoons of  yogurt, 1 spoon of honey, half cup of water.
THEN, blend it. This is my first time blend such complicated smoothie *forgive me cos I only blend banana with milk* lol

Tadaaa, taste not bad! Without honey i guess it will be so sour. 

You can serve up to 3 person. lol I cant finish in this morning. TOO MUCH. lol

With these healthy lifestyle, I think I become more fit, accommodate with aerobic dance! Gonna show you my body figure. lol

Still a bit of small tummy, trying so hard to get rid of it. Cos next two month will head to PHUKET with boyboy, I challenge myself, I must wear bikini. Never say never! No chance to wear if i get older lol


Today I went to MAXIS GET TOGETHER EVENT- BUKA PUASA with all press media, at HILTON PJ. They r super friendly but somehow I was so shy, but not antisocial as what they mentioned, lol

Here's my #ootd.

Yeah, IRON man. So everyone asking me why put IRON man, so I said bf's phone. lol

First food pic captured with Note2. 
I think still got different by capture with phone and camera even the mega pixels almost the same. So next time event, remember to take camera with!

What do you think?


Another thing wanna share with you, kinda interesting. Teach by bloggers during this event.
Go to 
Then tap continuously on ANDROID VERSION.

*they said works on every android phone*

You will saw this.

Then, slide continuously on this Jelly Bean, it will burst!

Then you can play with your jelly beans! Never notice these. lol 
Different version different ITEM. 

TRY yours today! :P

Last but not least, Love my man. 

*wallpaper of my phone*



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