Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Holiday Works and Crystals Give Away!

Time passing damn fast.

Appreciate everyday.
Begin my post with my small puppy video lol
He is so easy to fall asleep while sitting inside the car.

Super cute damn cute!
Right? :P

Last holiday I was working with Fitness First!
Well, i lost many photos since I dunno where i moved my folder too. *girls use to be like that i guess* lol
With those pretty girls. I guess im the oldest here.

Miss them all and until today we still contact each other. lol
Ohwell, hope they got roadshow again and we can work together again :P

I meet another leng lui last time.

Life is so wonderful with so many kinds of job.
I think im still a bit fat. Need to slim down for up coming jobs!

Previous job i never take pictures with them, starting next time im gonna planting this habit lol


Well anyone interested to this kind of crystal?
So it's time to reward to my followers!






I still got few crystals at home. Dark red  #6 and purple #7!
All these crystal worth > RM100-300/one

Just follow these simple steps!

1. Follow my Blogspot, Instagram, & Twitter.

2. Comment at below, by telling me the social apps (at least 2) u followed, which one of crystal by telling me the number, and why u choose that particular crystal. :)

3. Remember to leave your email address!

4. Open to Malaysian only.

I will choose 3 best comments below to give away!! :)


Due to less than 3 ppl participate, so I trade-in all the crystal :)

Sorry for the inconvenience!


  1. thanks for your comment at my blog, just come to visit you back, and found out that you are so generous on giving away crystal to your readers! what a wonderful blogger you are!

    keep blogging, cheers!!! (^_^)

    1. Hui hui- thanks Ya :) anyway you r so sweet hehehe

  2. hi there.....i not follow too much social apps, juz normal fb,instagram only :-p
    the #1 and #2 crystal look nice.... :)

    1. Prince - u got blog ma. Can follow hehe. Hehe anyway thanks for the comment :)

  3. U look cute in ur pony tail!! hehe

  4. u look pretty n young !! :D

  5. wahhhh working with fitness first! i want too!!!!

  6. lol... i am here by accidentally saw ur post on fb.
    so.... anticipate here.. wakaka...
    social apps... basically fb... linkedin which i start recently, but seldom playing with it. my blogspot, seldom writing it actually.. when i thought of something, or would to like to record something, then i will share it.
    i choose #4, coz my gf shld be will like it.. haha..
    anyway, i am here to support u a little bit.. keke..
    nice photo and photographer.. i am still a newbie as photographer..

  7. zzz... previously using mobile to post.. but never appear sia ar..
    so i'm coming to support u sia~ haha

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Follow u..

    i love no.4 because it look nice :D


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