Tuesday, December 30, 2014

[Review] Order and Eat with Food Panda

Had you follow my Instagram? - @jacjackhoo

If yes, you definitely will know what I had ordered via Food Panda! You can either order via web page - https://www.foodpanda.my/ or download Food Panda into your mobile!

For me I prefer to use app because it is so easy, fast and reliable! But first you need to get yourself a registered account, then choose your LOCATION. :D

If you're not sure where're you, just open your GPS button, then press YOUR LOCATION (the compass icon ;))

After that, just press GET STARTED. For my location, total of 12 Open Restaurant available for me to order.

Because I love TGIF so much, so finally I decided to order TGIF, because their food always make us feel like Friday :D

Just press inside, and a lot of nice food waiting you ;)

After view all of them, finally I decided to take 2 Tennessee & 1 Friday Favorite, and a drink. Then they will calculate for you how much is the total ;)

If you got voucher, do not forget to redeem ya! :D

After CHECK OUT, lastly remember PLACE ORDER. You can either choose Cash On Delivery (Pay on the spot) or online payment via Debit/Credit Card.

They will send MSG or EMAIL to you! 60 minutes to go!

How easy is it! :)

But take note:
- Because on the day itself, due to raining season, the rider delayed the meal for 1 hour ++ (total of 2 hour plus plus my meal just arrive). Kinda upset because we all order during hungry mode. So, if you want to order via Food Panda, pls order 2 hours earlier before your lunch/dinner time. Do not my repeat my mistake!

- Do call customer service line at 1300-800-262 if the food is delayed or they missed out any order!

Thank God Is Friday - TGIF, it always meant to be, I really wish everyday is FRIDAY!

They actually forgot my Mountain Dew soft drinks, but they replaced me with other order, so it is still acceptable for me ;)

Enjoy your meal! 

Food Panda available on 30,000 restaurants and over 35 countries! Check them out if it is available in your country! ;)

More information:
Customer service: 1300-800-262


  1. so long nvr eat TGI Fridays d... still good? haha..


    1. Dear Tenshi: Yeah but i still prefer to eat at the TGIF itself. Hehe love their environment, romantic enough hehe

  2. Good to know this is a reliable service! Sometimes I really lazy to go out to eat, stuck in the jam is not an option for me. Haha!

    1. Dear Adrian: Yeah. So much convenient if you dont hv transport to go out. But make sure you order 1-2 hours before you hungry :D


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