Monday, December 15, 2014

Youth United Fest 2014

Hey how's ur weekend?

Yesterday was the day of Youth Fest 2014, which is happening at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam! Seriously the day itself over exited and didn't sleep well the next day -.-


First station I stopped at IM4U, which is a very meaningful session whereby ppl share their experience how they overcome their obstacles to reach their goals! Lots of ppl sit there and listen, some even jot down the important note! What a cool session ;)

If you feel bored about SHARING session, I bet you gonna like CAR Drift right? Yeah, I miss the chance to watch it because I was in the sharing session T________________T

Next, moving to ARTs, whereby all the students present their arts! Damn cool, as I love art too! Can see from the booth itself their title so creative! Dunno they took how long to complete this task?

Total of 3 groups of arts! Each of us vote our favorite pictures by jotting down their number in that pieces of paper ;)

A lot of other booths as well. Lots of fun from games art work and free gift just for you!

They also have LUCKY DRAW, but too bad I'm not lucky enough to win Honor 6 on the day itself. Congratulation to all the lucky girl and boy! :D

Other than that, they also having car racing using Honor 6! Okay, the winner at last can won a Honor 6 too! It is so real and exiting enough :D

Everyone r so serious and waiting to the last winner! ;)

Beside that, my buddies and I open a booth on this bazaar! You know what, since after our graduation trip - Bangkok, we only meet up at our last month convo and this is our 2nd time to meet up! Seriously I really miss them so much because in my working life I will never ever found such good besties/buddies!

House of Humerus is our online shop! Will rebrand again it soon, and relaunch it again! Wait our good news ya ;)

Almost forgot our food of the day! Until now I still cannot get rid of the tasty beef! Yums Yums!

Lastly, I felt that quite a lot of fun for this kind of bazaar, but maybe organiser can make the location more strategic, more vendors so that the bazaar more crowded and fun! Or maybe find more famous artists in :D

Face Painting just only RM10! Where to get this price? Only at bazaar! Don't miss Youth United Fest 2015 next year! See you all again ;)


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