Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Butterfly Christmas Dinner - The Apartment Curve

Hey hey! How's ur Christmas?

I'm celebrating my Christmas together with 99 butterflies (or maybe more than that :P) at The Apartment Curve on 23th December night! It was a really amazing party that I ever attend so so far!

Butterflies all start register themselves at the counter, and each of us will get a very awesome beauty box!

Ohya on the night itself, you will assigned to be someone Secret Santa, to fulfill her wishlist! So I prepared her wishlist and bungkus into gold white box, so the girl who took that box, I'm your secret santa! :P

After that, Tammy Mamasan (with mint colour hair*) give announcement that there're gonna few contest of the night itself. Best dress, Best instagram food selfie pictures, and Best group selfie! 
Tell you I'm always not in luck to won any contest, how sad is it T_______________T

Beloved Tammy announced that The Apartment gonna prepare us 2 big roasted turkeys! How cool is it. This is my very first time to taste TURKEY, and it is during Christmas!

And also The Apartment also prepare a lot of nice food for us! All these photos I took after they refill the food, because we all standby until almost 8pm just had our dinner >.<''

Cannot miss the dessert of cos! Teehee, but too bad that time left 2 types of cakes only. Opps*

I eat a lot actually, hehe. You can from what I take. LOL *tak takut gemuk*

Overall I love their roasted turkey the most, so so delicious compared to roasted chicken! Secondly is their cheesy broccoli! My fav protein booster!

After had our dinner, a special singing performance from talented butterflies. Nvr know that their singing is damn good!

Frozen Song of the night! We all really enjoying it, got the sudden feeling of caroling together with other bloggers. The joy of being together is so precious!

After singing session, we all busy take pictures with long lost bloggers, and of cos new bloggers!

With Li Chuen, a very very nice friend!
With Tenshi, we always gossip behind :P
With Rina, met her during last Himalaya Event
With Cindy, we only at FB and blog. Now finally we can take SELFIE! 
With my new friend - Izzah, we got so much of similarity after a long chat! Nice to meet you babe!
My long lost friends - Jennifer, Bendan, Janice! We should take more selfie during the night itself ><''
Also Kelly and Geozo! Nice to meet all of you!

Also not forget about The Apartment, friendly customer service, which I mostly prefer! If the food is nice but service not nice, I rather dont makan on the spot. Whenever I want water, refill, they will give fast service :P

Also romantic and comfortable environment. Just able to capture part of the The Apartment. No place to hang out? Can try it out here!

After selfie, FINALLY the most exited moment, take present from Secret Santa! OMG OMG tell you that this is my very first time take gift from santa, and she fulfill my wishlist! She bought my favorite colour purse and wallet! 

TQ Sherry! For being my Secret Santa! Appreciate it so much. May God bless you and your family all the time! XOXO


Also, not forget about the BEAUTY BOX! I cant wait to review it! Wondering what's inside? Stay tuned for my blog, I gonna review them soon! ;)

Again, TQ The Butterfly Project for this most amazing Christmas Party of 2014! Let us got a unforgettable night before we step into 2015. TQ Tammy, TQ all the volunteers, TQ all the butterflies, and not forget all the sponsors!

Merry Merry Christmas to all of you! Do enjoy this big day! Ho Ho Ho!


  1. thank you for sharing your Christmas experience with us!!!!! and me.... <3 this is the best gift back to the community.... your words, your moments, what you have enjoyed.....

    thank you for being a part of this great community! I will share your review to The Apartment Curve <3

    1. Dear Tammy: TQ for giving so much of fun and unforgettable memorry for us. My very first and happiest Christmas party ever.

      Love you so much and san fu sai for organising so much awesome events for us! XOXO

  2. that's one great gathering from the butterfly community ya! too bad there's any community here in penang! if not i also want to be butterfly! HAHHAHAHA

    Top 10 Food Post 2014!!

    1. Dear Henry: Then you should create one at Penang! Haha. So much fun to being part of The Butterfly Project :D


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