Sunday, March 30, 2014

Samsung GALAXY S5 Official Launch

Firstly, TQ Manoah for inviting me this grand Samsung GALAXY S5 Official Launch on 27 March 2014, at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar!

It's my first time attend to any Samsung Official Launch, normally will attend press conference by Maxis, well new things today & learn a lot of thing today! Thank you for the opportunity!

Lots of media from different newspapar, magazine, and of cos, bloggers attend this Samsung Galaxy S5 Official Launch.

Yeap, kinda cool and today's theme was Fit, Speed, Fun and Life!
And I took this pic when everyone leaving because when we enter into the hall, it was super crowded and no place for me to take a nice picture.

Cool! The event start with Mr Lee Dong Yong speech!
5th generation Galaxy S redefines how technology innovation enhances our lives nowadays!

Over 200,000,000 users of Samsung nowadays, and the country over the world r using SAMSUNG!
Next, he fit himself with Gear 2 and Samsung Galaxy S5, also introduction together with Gear Fit!

Damn cool, right? Following by invitation of those big ppl to the front for taking picture with Samsung Galaxy S5! Included who, u guess? Dato Lee Chong Wei was there!

Dato Lee Chong Wei also come to support this Samsung GALAXY S5 Official Launch!
Samsung GALAXY S5 now is officially launch in Malaysiaaaa!

Following by the talk by Mr Go Benn Lee.

*The moving slides was too fast as I only manage to capture few pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is design according to HUMAN's Need!
- Modern Glam Look
- Camera
- Fastest Network
- Protected For Your Life
- Stay Fit

Yeap, it is all needed by human nowadays. Especially stay fit! If you r not fit, means u r outdated!

And it also coming with Full LTE Coverage, Wifi MIMO and Download Booster, as he mentioned, the download booster wont double up the speed but it will sure increase from normal downloading speed.

And it is water and dust resistant! BUT NOT WATER PROOF

And it also have Ultra Power Saving Mode that can let u save ur battery for few days long but turning off the phone into inactive whereby all the apps are switch off!

Finger scanner available too!
U can kept 3 different finger print so that if u hurt ur finger and u still can open it! cool right?

Kid mode available too! Not too sure about this function but it is about not to letting ur child addicted to too variables of entertainment x)

OKAY, further information can visit to:

Retail price in Malaysia: RM2399
Place your pre-order today!


Next, moving to OPENING of SAMSUNG GALAXY S5!

Samsung Galaxy S5 presented by models and Dato Lee Chong Wei!

Presented by Mr Lee Dong Yong.

Presented by me. Oops, my face was a bit worse and looks tired that day, so not much picture I was taken together with Samsung Galaxy S5 :)

Kinda crowded as everyone busy taking pictures, playing the games and lucky draw! And of cos FOOD, are prepared by Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur, nicely outside the hall.

Met Sandy! Knowing her since few years ago!

Met Vernon as well, know him through Maxis event, guess like few years back! And he remembered me! x)

After teatime, lucky draw begin! And IM NOT THE LUCKY GIRL, no Samsung Galaxy S5 won, lol. Well, congratulations to all the winners x)

And I tell u smth secretly, I felt Dato Lee Chong Wei super handsome in real person, and then...

And I took his picture secretly! Lol
Lots of ppl asking why I didn't approach him? Because IM SHY and HE IS SURROUNDED by so many ppl. Sigh, if next time got again, I WONT MISS the chance again lol


Okay, repeat here again:

Further information can visit to:

or for more updates! x)

Retail price in Malaysia: RM2399
Place your pre-order today!

*Happy Reading*


  1. aiyohhh u should go n take picha with lee chong wei mahhhh hahahaha wahh he aso got go many events huh

  2. Joey: OKAY hahaha next time I will brave a bit :P

  3. Don: TQ ya! TQ for the opportunity as well <3


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