Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A MUST to shop at Bangkok

Actually for this post, there's not much of picture to put in as we enjoy too much of shopping here! XD

First place of cos is CHATUCHAK, which is also World Largest Weekend Market!

Opening Hours : Saturday - Sunday from 08.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs.
How to Get There : SkyTrain to (N8) Mo Chit Station (Sukhumvit Line), Take exit 1 and walk straight 100m to Chatuchak Park on your right.

Before we go, let us take a selfie first XD

So... we're ready to go!

Waiting at BTS train station! 

Yeap, finally we reach! Joey took this photo using her DSLR just behind Mo Chit train station! 

Seeeee, I'm super exited. LOL, cant wait to grab cheap stuffs here!

BTW because we cant find any good place to enter, so we just follow the crowd and join them! ;)

So inside here we can see a lot of stuff selling around such as shoes, clothes, bags, purse, and almost everything you can get here! 

Our first mission once we reached there is to find water! But we found this! COCONUT ICE CREAM!


Yeap! I totally fall in love with this coconut ice cream, it is so much different from what I tried at Pasar Malam Malaysia. LOL

And Joey found the map of Chatuchak!

Actually it pronounced as Jatujak leh, but why ppl call them Chatuchak? LOL, however we didn't manage to follow the map as it is too big!!

After we're ready to hunt! LOL btw we only manage to take few photos, maybe we're too crazy about shopping so yeahhh our cameras left behind jor XP

Then we just start to take random pictures!

There's variety of pets here, boyfiee gonna love it a lot if he is here! 

Then after jalan-jalan, time for lunch. First we pass by a shop that is so crowded and limited places for 3 of us to sit down as well, so we decided to give up and maybe come back later just try it out. But after awhile we found another boat noodle shop! So yea~ we tried out boat noodle at Chatuchak! Guess it is a famous food as Malaysian also crazy about it!

There's 2 type of soup, pork and beef! And there's also variety types of noodles, as usual, we would like to try out thai noodle, which taste between dong fen and bi hun. Yeap, I like it damn much, for pork or beef!

BTW Thailand version punya boat noodle kinda big in size, so 3 of us only can finish 6 bowls of boat noodles, LOL. *Thailand spices not kidding anyway! It is super spicy!* Watch out how much you gonna put in your noodle!

Ohya, here we also ordered 'Oh Liang' which means local coffee in Thai! Quite addicted as well, but one thing I love about it is it won't trigger my gastric. Yeah, kinda like it!

This is how's the shop look like! Photo credit to Joey XD

What to do next?

Actually we can't really feel our legs because we kept walking walking and walking, seriously never been so tired before. So, we won't miss the chance to go MASSAGE! I love to massage although a bit tingling. BTW it only cost me 200 bath, which is around RM20 only, for 45 mins massage, but they will massage till 1 hour smth. Like it! XD

BTW they mentioned all the Thai ppl learn massage from a college geh, so it is quite standardized, no matter go where around Bangkok, they might serve you the same massage technique. Remember my last time massage was at Phuket, compared to Bangkok one, Bangkok one is more skillful LOL.

After massage, what to do next? Continue shopping!

See, aunty so kan cheong to shop. LOL

Basically, this is how Chatuchak look like. Yeap, you can search around to look so much of different cloth! Just one thing I don't like it they don't hv sign board, I really have no idea where am I now, Chatuchak is so huge that almost get lost in it LOL. So remember to stick together with your friends or family if you're not travel with tour guard!

Next, Platinum Mall. World Largest Wholesale Shopping Mall.

We going to Platinum mall when we move to Siam Square at the City Center. Yeap, and we called tuk-tuk. Which is the famous public transport in Thailand. You can almost get it anywhere, and we just get this tuk-tuk in front of Lub d Siam Square Hostel. Just tell where you want to go then you're done! Some of them understand and speak simple English, so yeahhh don't worry if you travel at Bangkok!

3 of us again!

Taddaaa~ Can't remember how much we pay but it is between 100-150 bath.

Tuk-tuk in Thailand. Photo credit to Joey XP

And finally we reach!

Yeap, super exited until only Joey took few pictures only. LOL

Basically how it look inside. Clothes everywhere XD

There's total of 8 levels plus ground floor. So yeah, B to level 5, is all about clothes. You gonna crazy if you love shopping because each shop sell different stuffs!
Never compare stuff here, because once you miss it you will never get back to the same shop! The price they offer is super cheap and it is wholesale price, so yeahhh! Enjoy your shopping! XP

Seriously not much picture we took, as last pic we took was the food from level 6.

Pork rice, tomyam and smth like sour mango mix with raw crab.
After makan we continue to walk around the area, buttttttttt.. too bad we spend too much at Chatuchak so we got limited budget at Platinum Mall. Anyway, next time I will save more for Platinum Mall because it is cheaper and more variety compared to Chatuchak! Even H&M, Zara stocks also got, and it is almost 50% cheaper than the retail shop.

What I bought in both shopping heaven XD

This is my favorite outfit! Top cost me 100 bath, short pant 250 bath and my sling bag 150 bath, total up 500 bath! Equal to RM50 lidat? Yeap, super cheap right? Going to go again, but this time I'm going to go with my beloved Vinc :D
All the best for you guys! Have fun! 

More info: 
Address: 222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Rd,, Ratchathevee,, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Phone:+66 81 722 4557
Hours: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm


  1. noted down, next time i go bangkok must go this place too, thanks for sharing~

  2. tell me when the next time you going!i wanna tag along too!haha

  3. nice i miss bkk a place to shop n massage..if only they cater plusize..haih..

  4. Many thanks 4 sharing coz it will save my day trip for shopping in Bangkok.... ;)

    1. Sure, Bangkok definitely is a shopping heaven!

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