Friday, November 28, 2014

[Review] Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300 - HiShop

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to introduce you all Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300. First I want to THANKS HiShop for sponsoring me this awesome product! Always love HiShop! ;)

Okay, before this, do you all know what is PLACENTA?

- Placenta defined as a flattened circular organ in the uterus of pregnant mammals like human/cows/goats/sheeps etc etc, it's help in nourishing and maintaining the fetus though the umbilical cord.  

Yes, placenta. BUT don't worry because there's already 9 year of experiences in sheep placenta researches & development, marketing, promotion and education has been done by Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta for this particular product. This product is 100% natural and has passed the strict process & inspection which is up to GMP standard, so it is safe to use and highly efficient.

- Another question: WHY we choose MEGA ALPHA SHEEP PLACENTA?
I was wondering as well. The difference of others brand sheep placenta between Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta is the PURE FORMULATION of it's ingredient.

It contain 100% Pure Placenta, where else others maybe made up of mix formulation such as grape seed oil, shark liver oil or EPO. Sheep placenta extract is the overall name for all the nourishing active cells extracted from sheep fetus. (RICH in nucleic acid, amino acid, muco-polysaccharide, multivitamins and very rich hormones for human growth including FSH, ICSH, BHG and BST also tissue regenerating active substances)

BENEFITS of Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract

- Reduce sign of skin aging such as epidermal problems (eg: fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles, dull skin tome, dryness, sagging, eye bags & eye circles)

- Enhances the development of the breasts, blood and hormones

- Eliminates menstrual pain, and regulates menstrual periods

- Enhance the production of blood, treats anemia

- Eliminate menopause problems (ages 45 to 65)

- Balance up hormones

- Prevent UVA and UVB radiation protection

- Perfect combination of additional anti-aging axtioxdantsp

- Provides maximum protection against Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

Recent research and studies also show that PURE Formulation provides maximum therapeutic benefits and effectiveness towards overall health and beauty.


After consume Mega Alpha Sheep Placenta Extract 300, I felt that my skin getting better and fairer as in pimples no longer say HI to me!

Let's see my menstrual period! It's more accurate after consume this awesome product!

My menstrual no longer delay as you can see from My Calender - Period Calender App: Here that my menstrual delayed for the past 4 months! Pre-Menstrual Symptoms (PMS) also decrease!  Opps mum said if the period more accurate the chance you get baby is higher? LOL

Product information:
Price: RM368
Purchase: Here

Consume: 1-3 soft gel a day

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