Sunday, November 9, 2014

[Review] LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Such a long period that I don't have much time to write out all my product reviews! Was working hard on my bikini workout plan by KAYLA, do check out my Instagram at @jacjackhoo for more fitness and diet update! Even though I'm busy with my fitness but I will never forget my skin care!

Okay, today I'm gonna introducing you all my all time favorite night mask - Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I bought 4 small bottles (20ml each) of this water sleeping mask during Hermo Cyber Sales with only RM49 only! Regular 80ml cost RM110 (promo price RM82).

It is suitable for all types of skin!

Main ingredient:
Beta Glucan - Skin regeneration effect
Ceramide SLN - Moisture loss protection
Hunza Apricot Extract - Skin purification
Chestnut Extract - Improving skin texture

As I mentioned earlier, I'm type of over dried skin that cause my skin oily at the day time or after wake up in the morning. Before this, only Natural Republic(NR) Aloe Vera gel can reduce my oily skin, but now Laneige water sleeping mask give much better effect than NR Aloe Vera gel. Definitely the price of Laneige is so so much higher/expensive than NR @@

In chinese they always say 一分钱一分货 T_________T

What to do? Normally I save my money & will buy a lot a lot during mega/cyber/super sale! LOL.

Let's start my skin routine!

Step 1: In the evening/before sleep, wash your face & apply toner as usual. Get ready with your Laneige water sleeping pack!

Step 2: I will use my spatula to take out the water sleeping pack as it is for hygiene purpose. This is due to our hand might contain a lot of bacteria that cannot see through our naked eyes! Just take out an appropriate amount (If taken too much, dont worry, just apply it on your neck!)

Step 3: After that, just transfer the mask pack to your face! Gently spread over the face from inner part to outer part along your skin.

For me, I will pread the mask pack around by using your CLEAN hand, then MASSAGE until it fully absorb!

Step 4: Then you're done! You will get watery face! :3
Now you can go to sleep without rinsing off this water sleeping mask. You can wash your face the next morning!

- Use 1-2 times a week
- You can apply more if your skin is too dry
- You can use it as stress reliever by just open the cap and breathe in the scent of water sleeping pack_EX about 5 seconds! COOL right?

Let's see the different btwn 1 month.

COMMENT: My skin no longer oily, smoother, fairer after using this water pack. Even though my acne still there by can feel it reduce slowly since after I start using this water pack (NO more big pimples!). Product is good but it is a bit pricey, hence I only can give 4/5 stars!

Picture of before apply sleeping pack >.<
You can get it at or any Laneige Counter 

More information:
Website -


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