Thursday, October 27, 2016

[Review + Giveaway] Mask Time with LINE Friends by MEDIHEAL

It's MASK time, for myself and readers! Yayyy~*

Today I'm going to introduce you all a new set of LINE MASK by MEDIHEAL!! It designed with LINE FRIENDS! So, if you are one of their fans, pls don't miss this post out! :D

Before we go into MASK, have you all heard about MEDIHEAL?

MEDIHEAL founded in 2008, by a group of prestigious medical beauty school in Soeul University, Korea. It is one of the TOP sheet mask brand in the K-beauty industry.

Beautiful skin is attainable and dedicated team of experts and dermatologists has been developing a wide range of innovative sheet masks as well as other skincare products. It is more than 10 million sheet of masks have been sold worldwide, included Malaysia. Proved that their products really undeniable and unbeatable!

There're total of 4 types of LINE MASK by MEDIHEAL:
  • E.G.T - TimeTox Ampole Mask (yellow)
  • N.M.F - Aquaring Ampoule Mask (blue)
  • I.P.I - LightMax Ampoule Mask (pink)
  • P.D.F - A.C. Dressing Ampoule Mask (mint)
But I only got 3 of these masks, which is Pink, Mint and Blue! Is okay, I still love all of them ;)

RM13.90 per piece
Grab it at AEON Wellness, SASA and Watsons Store

I've been using MEDIHEAL MASK for quite awhile, and I read a lot of good reviews by oversea youtubers or beauty bloggers. They stated that this brand of masks really give instant repair onto our skin on the next day! So do I think :P

1. I.P.I LightMax Ampoule Mask

Suitable and ideal for FIRST AID MASK after sun.

Ascorbyl Glucoside (Stable Vitamin C-AA2G) and arbutin gives excellent whitening effect as well as Morus Alba Bark Extract brighten and whiten the dark pigmentation caused by sunburn as well as dull skin.

2. P.D.F A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask


Centella Asiatica, Protulaca Oleracea Extract and Salicylic acid concentrate works well on skin problem areas by giving rapid and relief effect, as well as control oil secretion to your skin cleaniness.

3. N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask

Suitable for DRY SKIN.

Sodium hyaluronate, Ceramide NP and Natural Moisturizing Factor (N.M.F) gives moisturizing effect and keep your skin hydrated by locking in the water while Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract, Fomes Officinalis (Muschroom) Extract gives the effect of adjusting sebum and tightening our pores.

1. After done with the cleansing part, apply your skincare routine - toner as usual.  Pimples say HI to me again, you know menstrual coming soon!

2. Take the mask out with your clean hand, unfold and place the sheet on your face.

3. Wait for 15 minutes, and remove the mask. Gently massage onto your skin until the essence fully absorbed by your skin.

PS: For optimum result, you can use consecutively 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks.

Personally like their masks since quite long ago, as their masks really give instant repair on our skin. For example, today I'm having super dry skin, and after this mask application, I felt that my skin more moisture, I don't feel the dry skin crack, as well as my pores so much smaller!

Also, their mask is breathable, the essence not sticky at all and easy absorbed by our skin. Likey likey! Their design on each mask really makes my day after a bad/hectic/tired day! Other than their goodness, the only thing that's make this mask lower in rate because of their price, RM13.90 per piece! So, you know :P

RATE: 4.5/5

Before I end this post, GOOD NEWS coming! 
I'm going to giveaway these 3 masks to ONE LUCKY READER just with 3 simple steps ;)

Two Simple Steps:
  1. FOLLOW my blog - Google plus or Google friend connect
  2. Tell me why you want to WIN.
  3. Comment at below with your answer, name & email to prove that you're DONE
Terms and Condition:
  • Only for Malaysian resident.
  • Contest end on: 10th November 2016.

Price: RM13.90 per piece
Stores: AEON Wellness, SASA or Watsons Store

Good luck to my READER, and I will pick it up randomly! TQ and all the best ya!


  1. wah the mash so cute wei...I'll try mine asap for doink doink skin

  2. Wow i love these masks cute packaging but I have not try them yet. Looks good thou.

  3. Followed~ ^^ I wanna win because I love sheet masks and wanna try them all! Also, I didn't realize this has cartoon printed on it! :D

    Amy Lau

  4. followed as Sherrygo. I wanna win because I need to pamperself, always driving around in hot days. Night time I can use this if I win. :D

  5. 1. Followed!
    2. I would like to win as the masks are so cute, would definitely love to try them out.
    3. Name: Sze Shin

    Thank you!

  6. Mask so Kawaii! Aihhh...I have many mask at home but lazy to use. kekeke

  7. OMG the LINE MASK by MEDIHEAL looks so kawaii! I want to try them out too. Can I?

    1. Followed!
    2. I would like to win because they are too cute not to bring home! I will share one sheet each with my girls haha.
    3. Name: Rane

  8. Ai yoh... so adorable printed mask. Think i'm not going to throw it away even after used it. Lol
    I want to win this because it will be the best mask for me to take tons of mask selfie. LOL
    Pick me ok, :D

  9. The mask packaging so cute. Love the effects on your face.

  10. I love Line characters! I think that these masks are too cute to be used. I think I would even keep the packaging after using. HAHA

  11. The mask look so cute, wish to have the complete set :)

  12. The masks look really good plus the designs are adorable too. Will certainly check them out :)

  13. Saw a lot of this in Korea and also in AEON wellness... it looks good and would love to try it out....

  14. I want to win this mask because it character are so cute and it suits my career look haha..Hope I'm luck

  15. Based on what I've read and heard, MEDIHEAL Face mask does their job well :D Cute to use plus effective for my skin, this is SO going to be my reason to win and try this mask out.

    Google Circle Name & Email : Arina Saw |

  16. 1) Followed
    2) I love line character, they are so cute! That's why I'm here for the giveaway and the Mediheal Face mask has cute small picture of line on it! I like it!
    3) JudithKhoo


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