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Dutch Lady 7-Day Milk @ Breakfast Challenge

Talking about my diets, I've been eating clean & very particular on my daily meal intake since August 2015 because I gained total of 8kg after DENGUE on March 2015. I was 68kg, will be reaching my 18 years old weight - 80kg if I didn't control!

REASONS that I gain weight because:
  • I skip my breakfast
  • I simply eat, as long got food into my stomach, which cause imbalance nutrients
  • Too much junk food/process food
Do not follow all these bad habit because they will make your body metabolism slowing down, hence you will be gaining weight so easily! CHANGE now! 

So start from WHAT'S ur BREAKFAST today?

That's my BREAKFAST CART for EVERYDAY.  They are:
  • Dairy
  • Grains (Good Carbs)
  • Protein
  • Fruits

Dairy Products is a MUST during breakfast, especially on child's diet, or even adult. They're good source of energy and protein, as well as contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals such as calcium. Calcium helps children to build healthy bones and teeth during their growth.

200 ml of Low Fat Dutch Lady Milk contain 6.4 g protein, 240 mg calcium and Vitamin A, D3 & B2, total energy of 86 kcal.
200 ml of Full Cream Dutch Lady Milk contain 6.4 g protein, 220 mg calcium and Vitamin A, D3 & B2, total energy of 123 kcal.

I will choose Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk (less calories*) to be part of my healthy diet journey, for almost every morning because I want to have balance diet, especially protein & calcium to sustain my body, on my bone & sexy abs!

But did you know - Malaysians Don't Meet Calcium Requirement? 

49% of Malaysian children do not get enough calcium in their diets.
The average calcium intake among Malaysian adults is below 50% the recommended nutrient intake.

HOW does MILK at Breakfast Fix This?
  1. It helps to regulate our body after an overnight fast, act as quick, protein-packed breakfast beverage!
  2. A glass (200ml) of Dutch Lady Milk contain 220-275g calcium, to reach your daily calcium requirement.
  3. Contain other essential nutrients, such as Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium, Protein, Vitamin C, D, A & B other than calcium & protein. 
  4. Studies show that many folks with lactose intolerance can tolerate up to 1 cup of milk, that's give better digestion when pairing with other food.
  5. Milk contain 85% of water, which makes thirst quencher effective after 8 hours sleep.
YES, Calcium is necessary for strong bones, teeth, good nerve and muscle tissues. However, it is not generated by our body, so TAKE your MILK intake today, or else you going to face these

Bone thinning
Weak teeth
Weak muscle
Lost of Weight
Curved spine
Risked of chronic disease

Let's check out my 7 Day Milk Breakfast Challenge Menu:

Personally love Dutch Lady Milk because they're real MILK, not process milk over market. They have great taste, smooth & nice texture, most importantly they won't trigger my gastric while process milk do.

So do include DAIRY in your breakfast, also remember you balance diet to ensure your body absorb enough nutrients or else you will losing your TEETH & BONES during aging, such as a fall might lead to tooth fall and bone fracture, which I saw in quite a lot my patient cases.

Choose your favorite Dutch Lady Milk, Malaysia's No. 1 Milk today!


Lets eat clean + stay fit with me!!

70% on Balance Diet & 30% on Workout!
*Abs are made from kitchen!*

I'm 60 kg now 💪💪💪

Prevent is always better than Cure! Include 1 serving at breakfast (2 serving to reach your daily nutritional needs) can provide up to 200 mg of calcium to kick-start your daily nutritional intake! ;)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks dear, for reminding me. Just added my Day 3. Thank you so much! XOXO

  2. OMG.. There's really difference! I want to try too!!! Need to lose those fats. >.<

  3. Wow just drink dutch lady with healthy breakfast can slim so much, I need to try this too

  4. Never skipping meal! Even if you are rush, make sure to have something quick and easy like biscuits and remember to have a cup of hot beverage in the morning, it's very important!

  5. wow within less than a month??? that's awesome!
    and yeah i found that skipping breakfast is not good too!
    Thanks for sharing, give me confidence that i can slim down my tummy too! XD

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  6. Love how this article was done dear and having a healthy breakfast certainly does pave a way to a much better lifestyle. Great to know that it was worked so well for you too.

  7. Your breakfast is so healthy and looks good. Also, GIRL YOU LOOK GREAT! Keep up the good work :)

  8. i always remind myself not to skip breakfast for a helathier lifestyle :D

  9. Chia seeds are expensive here in Phnom Penh so I could change it up with something else. Thanks for sharing the info!

  10. I love breakfast! Yes, I do agree with healthy breakfast selection like that one you have here. :)

  11. so much win! i wish i had the mental strength to keep up with all my fitness plans.

  12. Breakfast is essential for me so I need to eat it everyday. Especially with the healthy way.

  13. very nice and healthy breakfast! Congrats for the fabulous result

  14. I can see that you are eating clean every morning. I am trying my best as well, not only to eat clean but to exercise more.

  15. Your breakfast looks very yummy and inviting.
    healthy too!

  16. i love dutch lady milk...big fan here!!

  17. Glad that you now have start your breakfast daily! Make sure you maintain and stay healthy ya!!

  18. Good to know that you are having a healthy start of your day with dutch lady.

  19. Yes, milk is important to our health, I started to drink milk everyday too even after the campaign :)

  20. WOw.. you are so awesome... wish I can do this.. I have however been a huge fan of Dutchlady, even before the campaign...

  21. It's 7 days challenge .. here. I love their milk, it's so fresh and nice.

  22. your breakfast combination looks great and healthy!!!

  23. Love fresh milk! Very important to keep ourselves healthy these days.

  24. Glad to found the out the importance of having a balance diet, keep it up

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