Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day with My Astro Music Award 2011 -Part I

Extremely tired today. Until now i still got a bit dizziness. LOL. Too happy perhaps.
Last night was a super awesome and memorable night that i had been go through for my passed life!! This is my 2nd time to meet up pop stars with my own eyes. :)

My first time was with Hennessy Artistry 2010
Well, just click in to view. :P

But this time more syok! Thanks Vinc for bring me go for such big event- My Astro Music Award 2011<3 
Seriously, until now i still remember Lee Hom, Fahrenheit, Jolin, AK, Xiao Gui, Ding Dang, and all M'sian singers's face and even their clothes! ><
They are gorgeous! *real ppl is so different in the tv screen!* 

Super leng zai and leng lui :)

OMG, crowded with ppl. Ohya, im just get the free standing which i more preferable. :P
cos can stand beside all singers. DAMN cool 

Din really take much picha, this blog post most of it take with HP. ><
 i do ask from a friend to send me his photos to me, which use EOS to capture one. LOL. Will be posted in Part-II cos he haven't send the copy to me. :)

All the Pop Stars here.

Okay, next. Guess who they are. ><

Hmm, i guess u know who they are right? Click in to view bigger size. =)

How about her? LOL.

Aiks, quite far but still can see his face right? ><


Lastly is her..:)
Hmm, very pretty isn't?

Don't want to tell u all the ans. :P
Hmm, nothing else can post except the video. Will upload to Youtube when i got excellent internet connection. Okays? 

Lastly with my funny rounded face wth. 

I reach home around 2am++ is freaking tired. But i sleep at 4am cos Vinc is cooking supper for me this morning! BLISSFUL. x) 
How nais to got him beside me to take k of me. <3

I know the photos loading is damn slow, paiseh lah, cos i din resize the photos. :D
Wait for my next post!!

Have a nais day!! <3


  1. i guess first is farenheit, second idk, 3rd leehom, 4th yise luo? :P

  2. weiii why he got the ticket one??so good LOL

  3. Henry: Yalor~ :P

    Jamie: 2nd one is Jolin^^ who is idk??

    Domokun: His friend work inside the astro.. tat's y his friend give him:)


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