Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Post

Gosh! such a long time i din update my blog already! Gomenasai! ><
Recently i become damn anti-social, not active anymore! What the hell i'm busy im also dunno. Hate assignments revisions placement! THIS called HUMAN LIFE. 

Well, how i can change it back after i complete all those stuffs. :)
But i still manage to extract out TIME to SS! wootsss lol wtf lots of reasons!

Hey, tell u all a secret, i start to love my curl hair!
 Many ppl dislike my hair when i just curl it, nowadays i dunno how and why it turn more natural, thanks to my hair designer, every hair styles need time to adapt one. 

Ohya, currently addicted to contact lens again. Hate to spend money on lens, unique lens always come in EXPENSIVE prices! Gonna bankrupt soon.  Influenced by Kelly perhaps! LOL 
Show u all once i get the lens, but i think quite a long time just get it cos my sista will order it for me :P

Bought jor lipstick, blusher, shading and few other skin facial stuffs. that's y im crazy with make up now, hehe!  Well, just economic brand cos im not so rich as u ppl think, as long it fulfill my requirement then it is more than enough. :) 

Just ignore the ANATOMY book there, cos im lazy to take another picha for this, too random lol
BTW, want to show u another picha, i feel a bit disgusting when i look on this picha, damn funny! dunno how to pose and yet that time i din notice about it. wth
Actually i just attracted by my lipstick colour, love it so much!

Thanks Christy for helping me in choosing the colour <3
Okay, stop showing those SS pichas, a bit over for me already LOL


Show u smth, a lunch set of Korean food with only RM10++!!?? for dinner set is around RM19.90 if not mistaken :P Am i tempting u? LOL, this meal is too much for me, i still remember the day i took this, i can full until i dun take my dinner!:P

Well, here is it. 
SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
185, Jalan SS2/24
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

If freeeee, dun ever miss the chance to have ur meal there! is damn worth! :D


Today i was spending my whole day at Sg wang and Time square with my bf, Vinc. Hmm, lots of sales still launching this few days, especially Vincci at TS, crowded with human. ><

At Sg wang, got Korean food fair, then followed by mini concert by 东于哲,我和我的兄弟恩! I had watch few episodes of this drama at Astro, is damn touch. I need to squeeze myself in then just only can watch them! LOL

Next station is TS, well. unexpectedly, i saw NICOLE DAVID, her last squash tournament with Ireland's competitor, hmm. This is my 1st time saw the live squash tournament with lots lots of ppl. :)
Again, she is the champion. :)

QUEEN of SQUASH. Proud of M'sia! :P

Okiess, have an awesome day with my dearest one! Btw, 2molo is study day again. Sleep earlier and Sweet Dream! 



  1. wahhhh the lip colour is very nais! i thinkni wan to get one also! Lipice right?

  2. Good luck with the studies ♥ love your lipstick colour & th curls!~

  3. Damn lucky wey..
    Nicol and Thomas&Jack some more..
    LOL at the anatomy book!! hahaha


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