Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fatigued =.=

Today right after class, i sleep directly once i reach hostel. IS DAMN TIRED! Because of heavy exercise last night perhaps. :'( I was having bad headache since yesterday midnight. 


Is fucking ugly! LOL

Until just now i still feel the tiredness! Even now turn to muscle soreness wth. Sigh, lack of stamina + weak always r main problem for me! Some more just now i was shivering, KL whether is freaking cold, end of the world is coming soon? Ya perhaps.. NO it cant be! I still got a lot of things haven't complete in my life. I still in the progress to accomplish my tough assignment which need to pass up on 28 Mac, i need to complete it before it is too late! OHNO! It gonna kill me!

Calm down girl, u always act aggressively. It's going to be a nasty habit for u ><''
Fatigued and exhausted. It always lead me to -ve thinking fml. I need more rest instead of facing the laptop whole day for doing nothing, is kinda wasting of time.

Now listening to the songs that Christy and Joey tag me  in facebook. :D
Make me review back all oldies that i had been go through. Especially songs by Westlife. :) Love them so much, was my 1st idol in my life. Their songs seriously bring lots of memorable feeling to me.

Cheering by listen to my beloved songs and always tam by VINC, LOL. Im too blissful i think so.

Let's listen to YOU RAISE ME UP by Westlife. :)
Ohya, with my idol too! Lee Hom!! <3
MARK, KIAN, SHANE, and NICKY! Hope i din memorize wrong their names lah :P

GOOD NIGHT and will be FINE after i wake up tomorrow. x)


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