Monday, October 15, 2012

#Churpout2012 at Publika

Ohya, i asking bf to go #churpout event at Publika. First expression by him was, HUH? SO FAR? Btw deariee, only 30++km from Klang. Lol.

And finally we went there. But reach there lately due to traffic jam. lol. What a long journey and we reach there by 11am, not so late. Bf and me was having two churp-churp goodie bags, that's full of vouchers and #useful stufss, which is u know i know. lol

Anyway Joey told me that Cheesie and Audrey's cloth selling fast!
OHNO i din buy dao any nice outfit cos i reach there lately T_______________________T

Lots of activities is organised and i really dunno which one to choose. 3 MOST INTERESTING and MEANINGFUL activities was

1. Whatchuwant? Dunk n' Draw!

This games bring a lot of fun and lots of prices can get. And congratz to those who win it!

The prices are super dupper awesome!

Samsung 40'' Full HD LED TV, 
Pioneer Blu-Ray Front Surround System,
Samsung Galaxy S3, 
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0,
Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100

If you miss it, pls visit HERE for more details of winning these prices.

2. Against Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) by Durex.
Awareness against STD to all youth and spread the world and not the disease.

*actually im very shy when i reach this booth and btw i manage to RAP it :D
Sourse from Durex Malaysia.

3. Power Over Cervical Cancer.
Awareness of Cervical Cancer in Malaysia, which is ladies always ignore this. This is important message to all girls and precautions preventions really need to DO!!

Lovely POCC gave cute stickers to remind me the dangerous of silent killer - Cervical Cancer
More details pls click HERE.

Yes, loves this interesting activities that can give a lot of fun actually instead of teaching the new generations. Goodies and small present was given in this small small booth. Meaningful.

Love #churpout event as it give me alot of fun! :D

With my jimui - Renae and Joey. Oops, lost Christy as she came later with her boyfieee. HUGS*

Then then then i meet pretty boss!! Loves!*

Was with BOSSES - Cheesie and Audrey!! They looks tired maybe due to preparation for #churpout but they're super friendly. They are AWESOME. Like FORUCHIZU to support US :)
I met her too! Chuckei! Super tall and pretty!

Thanks to Joey for those pretty pictures.

Ohya, there is Galaxy Note 2 event launching there too! I wish I can have one GALAXY NOTE 2. Advance higher level than GALAXY SIII!

It have a lot of benefits. I guess everyone is telling the same reasons, indeed.
I choose to have Galaxy Note 2 cos i was aiming to buy Galaxy Note at first, but insufficient credit at that moment and finally i use those money to buy books for my studies.
Such a big scarify and until now i still borrow my bf's XXX smartphone.

I want to own my smartphone!!!! SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2!!!!!!!
I want to use INSTAGRAM and NUFFNANGX apps soooooooo much as my window phone cant made it :'(
That's the reason i deserve for it! Especially from #CelcomeNote2!

Wish you all have a #HappyDay!!

More information pls visit -

#Churpout2012 & #CelcomeNote2 
Click Here for contest information.


Jacqueline Khoo


  1. It's so cool that you met Audrey, Cheesie & Jane!~m =]

  2. Yeap, they're awesome! :D
    Do join this event next time to meet them up :)

  3. Dearrrr I cant find you in instagram!!! haha so nice meeting you all there :D next time i bring my bf also haha

  4. LOL dear ar i din play instagram cos im using window phone, not applicable and im so bad steal ur pic! LOL

    okayss next time we bring all our boyfieess out!! XD

  5. Yeah :D
    Welcome to this event next time. <3

  6. wow how i wish i stay in kl too. >.<

  7. Maybe you can give a try? to stay at KL :D
    So that you can attend more event ^^

  8. love audrey and cheesie, they are so nice in real life right??

    havent met chuckei...i THINK i saw her the other day at the foruchizu event but i couldnt recognize her as she just got a new haircut...haiz so sad...

  9. hellooo! woots so nice can meet audrey and cheesie :D


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