Thursday, October 11, 2012

Veet, My Skin Perfection!


Awesomest news that i ever heard!!! VEET has make my dream come true!!!!
I was searching around for better hairy removal products since last few years but at last i found nothing. Always end with disappointment. :'(
Why i never notice the present of VEET product?

How Veet gives you soft and smooth skin that brings out the confidence in you?

Well, i'm gonna tell a story about this.
(pls keep read this out*)

I have hair problem on my skin too. Every girl dislike the growth of hair on the skin. Everyone was asking why i dont have hairy on my skin, i know, darker skin ---- cant see the hairy clearly!!! And my main growth of hair is at my BACK ---- SEXIEST PART of BODY. T.T

Opps! I know i have the advantage which is my skin is DARK but until i start to step in modeling world that day, i just notice i had extreme hair growth at my back, mild growth at my four limbs. That's why u never see i wear sexy tube that exposed my back during photoshooting! lol

It's really make me so irritating and i had use various kind of X Y brand lotions to remove my excessive long hair but result was the naughty bad hair still stick on my skin firmly. >.<''

From here you can see i don't really wear shirt that is exposed when photoshoot. Hmm, boyfie always complaint my back look like a monkey. :'(
(3 years relationship make us look like old hubby-wify, talk like nobody! Well, i know that's a joke btw)

However, specially thanks to Nuffnang which let me know how important is Veet, my miracle creater!*

#A Beautiful Life

This is my memories of photoshoot. Miss it! Due to busy life at University, i neglect my part time career, however once i finish my assignment project and clinical placement, even my lecturers support me to go back for photoshoot!!! so,  I WILL COME BACK TO YOU, after Veet skin treatment fully accomplish!!!

VEET make my life perfect and i love it, after remove my hair on my skin, it got additional dry skin lotion to apply on! Really useful for me, and can apply any where on any dry skin area.

Maybe i can try this out on my boyfiee's leg. LOL, who don't like silky and smooth skin?! Hairy skin is a nightmare for girls! Some it apply to guys as well!!

# This is my HAIRY skin on my knee, not smooth when i touch it. :'( I want to get SOFTER and SMOOTHER SKIN!!

SOON i gonna have my own soft and smooth skin, that's bring me lots of confident and boyfie no longer complaint. No longer admire/jealous other's ppl skin!! AWESOME! Surprise boyfie on next dating :3


Veet, My Skin Perfection! 
Try this out today!! And i should apply to my back hairy skin as well, which is my main problem for now! :)

Ohya! To show i'm confident enough, i will DIY my cloth, and make it to be sexy enough so that i can show my SEXY back.

Before i revamp and after i revamp it! Due to different lighting, colours a bit different. I really wish i can have a better camera so that i can have a better/clearer picture for blogs! :'(

Okayss, here is the effect of cutting :)

I want to be like her ---- Jang-Nara, sexiest and picture perfect ever! (SHINNING BACK)

Simple cut can result in showing better confident. Believe it or not, try this out! :D


Here attached with two video showing how to apply Veet.


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