Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Healthier Lifestyle

I start to workout more consistently and try to be fit as everyone is applying healthy lifestyle. This is mainly due to so many unhealed and dangerous illness which is approach us slowly without our concern.

There are actually some tips you can use on gym, and it really shows a big change for me, cos IM SLIM.
Yay, i wish you guys can slim down as well by using those useful tips.

1. Always tone up the treadmill. 
This is the best way to lose fat! Eg, hop on a treadmill by holding a three - to - five pound dumbbell in each hand (doing shoulder movement exercises), and set the speed to a brisk walk, then slowly increase the speed. 

2. Power up your runs.
Always run with the speed that you can tolerate, then slowly increase by next running. 

3. Chart your progress.
Human loves to give excuses to themselves. To avoid this, pls do yourself a report card. This can increase your motivation. 

4. Use buddy system. 
Which is personally i think the most effective factor! My jimui(s) always went to workup at gym or garden, if i don't, means i left behind? lol

Yeah, i love this tips and it really help me alot. 
BTW some reminder for you, pls dont eat too much oily and high carbohydrate food as this will turn into fat in your body later. So just 

For this three months, i lost _________________ kg, still a secret. lol

These photos took on early July, my weight over than 67++KG, unbelievable* I workup so hard just to lost weight, and YES! I made it. :)

I ate sandwich every morning, light lunch and dinner meal. Keep yourself on HEALTHY food. Even i forgot how the meat taste like, over-eating on meat will cause me VOMIT. Sausages and some other fast food pls do ignore them, they bring more disadvantages more than advantages!

Even my skin also become smoother and tighter. I still continue my Physio Radiance facial product by Qnet and it is really awesome for me. Some more im using some serum sponsor by Enuca.

Facebook of Enuca Pls do support them! Good product ever!

(from right to left)*
# Lift Me Up Serum mainly focus on active plant cells, instant lifting and tightening, smoothes fine wrinkles, promote elasticity and maximum moisture.

# Clear Me Out Serum used on fights acne, reduce size of pores, mattifying, gentle exfoliation and balancing.

# Light Me Up Serum focus on lighten and prevents darkening, reduce age spots, promote suppleness and elasticity, powerful anti-oxidant phytonutrient and fights free radicals.

Lastly # Soak Me In is hyaluronic acid with water-reservoir, water-bliding capability, soothing and restructuring action, significantly moisturizes and improve elasticity.

Okays! More details pls visit their links, and lots of promotion are offered by them! So dont miss it out. 

ADVICE: Stop giving excuses to yourself!


  1. i lack the determination :( feel so sorry for myself ><

  2. I give you some determination!!
    Hehe, you must walk out the first step to success~ :D

  3. Me too~ i lack determination~ huhu~ really putting on weight and lifestyle hectic not healthy huhu~

  4. Hmm, never mind. Online search for some fitness article to motivate you^^ no worries~~~


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