Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Personal Attitude

Again, I spend a long long time to write this blog post. Must keep on going although my english is sucks, IMPROVING nowadys and currently was busy with assignment and pre-clinical posting workshop. That's terrible, started first week i get phobia for going to university. Until now, still. :'(

Hiah, everyday i was thinking the same question --- When I only can finish my work?
It never end and keep continue until next sem is over. T-T Hope i brave enough to cope with it as i really DISLIKE ---- RESEARCH. Who want to become volunteer to teach me? lol

BF always advice me 
-''Don't like'' also need to finish the works that assigned. This is RESPONSIBILITY.

- Learn to accept criticism from others. I hate other people critics me and i hate people force me to accomplish stuffs (FAST!!! FAST!!!!) when I was totally BUSY. Hiah, who can tahan with it? If i'm mad sure i slap back!!* lol. Kidding. Bf said that people critics you mean you learn a new lesson that day. REASONABLE*

- Stay patience. Yeah, i cannot wait one. While i myself no time management. Damn. How to become a specialist next time? Stop and reduce my tempered when there is something mad happen.

- And, SMILE. :)  People used to say i look fierce when i dont smile. Should plantting those good habits from now!!!

Bf always complaint my bad habits. Today i list down my bad habits. I will do my best to change.

Of cos, study smart, study hard! And continue my sports, learn from bf ---HE CANT LIVE WITHOUT SPORTS. One week he spend more than 4 days at sport courts. #insane
Should continuously doing my workout at GYM, YES! I can!! :)

Ohya, when i saw this at facebook, it's remind me the concept of mind control body. This is useful if you have strong determination on yourself. It can applied to other field as well. If not, sorry to say that's gonna be useless. Now i try to implant it and hopefully i can get better life soon. XOXO



  1. like this post~! must be a better person and improve ourself like workout continuously! haha

  2. Thanks JOEY, you're the best. I will become a better person after this. :)

  3. AHAHHA hi5! for the fierce when not smile! lol. hmmm. well, we were born that way isnt it. kinda hard to force a smile everywhere u go.

  4. Hmm, perhaps u can make it as a habit so that whenever u go anyplace just smile to others, it is a polite :3


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