Friday, August 8, 2014

Boat Noodle - Jaya One New Outlet

After Boat Noodle Empire Damansara Perdana I'm seriously start to addict to BOAT NOODLE. Surprisingly that I've got private invite from Boat Noodle to their new outlet - The School, Jaya One! Look like Jaya One now is the hottest place among KL now.

This time, tell you all this outlet is so much bigger than Empire Damansara Perdana one!

It's here! Super cute design as it is given the address in Thai words.

I hope we dont need to queue or wait like Empire Damansara Perdana one. LOL

Let's see how's their interior design. I heard that there's 2 more new outlets gonna open in Cheras & Publika, and 4 of these outlet gonna have different interior design! What a cool idea!

The day itself actually quite a lot of people waiting thou there're actually lots of seat! Come early if you want to makan boat noodles!

In this new outlet, what's NEW here are they change most of their menu that they planned long long time ago! Congratulation to Boat Noodle as their dream had come true!


Okay, let me introduce what I had tried that day with my beloved brother! Let's start!

Ayutthaya Beef Boat Noodle

Ayutthaya Chicken Boat Noodle

Ayutthaya type of soup is the one same with Soup Boat Noodle that Empire Damansara Perdana have.


Pathumthani Beef Boat Noodle

Pathumthani Chicken Boat Noodle

Okay, what special about Pathumthani Boat Noodle is it tasted a bit milky, and u tasted more spices compared to Ayutthaya Boat Noodle! Both type of Boat Noodles have their own special taste, and I love both of them! ;)

Fruits Salad

For salad, if you like Thai food that taste a bit spicy & sour, then you must order this & try it out! It definitely will open your appetite to eat more bowls of boat noodles!

Chicken Wings

One of my favorite dish at Boat Noodle! All these chicken wings taste super crunchy & smell so nice!


Oops! Dessert! Tell you I can't bear with Thai Dessert! It taste super nice & each small plate only RM1.00. It definitely worth than what you eat.

That's all I tried in Boat Noodle Jaya Branch! More choices here, but if you only want to try out all these boat noodle, you can try the branch at Empire Damansara Perdana which I mentioned earlier.

Add-on ingredients

 Again, I personally like the chili flakes + boat noodle, as it taste more nice compared to the boat noodle alone.

Drink of the day - Pandan Leave Drink

You also can tried out their Thai Coffee ''Oh Liang'' which is my favorite drink when I was at Bangkok! Forgot to order that day as their menu still in the process.

Okay, I did't lie you I'm really lunch with my handsome brother! BUT someone said he is my boyfriend & we both from CHINA. WHATTTT -.- A bit tak boleh accept this fact.

After awhile all these bowl EMPTY! Guess how many plates I'm able to finish it? XD

Yummeh! I love all their food as I really feel that I'm at Bangkok! Miss Bangkok Trip damn much.

Lastly, TQ prettie Anne for the invite & appreciate it so much. Good luck in ur career & do built ur big big Boat Noodle Empire in Malaysia!

Before I end this post, actually Boat Noodle Malaysia are having Contest in their Instagram! Stay tuned on Boat Noodle Facebook Page for joining their next coming 2 contests & 1 contest gonna end today. 3 unit of XiaoMi3 to be given to the most creative picture! And I had done mine. Wish me luck!

Remember to hashtag #boatnoodlemi3 in Instagram contest ya!

More information:
Instagram: @myboatnoodle
Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

(Same level with Cold Storage & it is near the Family Parking!)
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Have fun everyone! Don't burst your STOMACH ya! As highest record now is 58 BOWLS!


  1. wow, thanks for sharing although i never try before~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. Happy Walker: Maybe you can try it next time either in Malaysia or Thailand! Bet you gonna love it!

  3. Hello Jacqueline..could you inform me on the owner of Boat Noodle Malaysia as your blog showed that you were invited by them..I'm interested in bringing it over here in Indonesia

  4. Could you inform me the company that owns boat noodle..I'm interested in bringing it to indonesia

    1. Hi Azmin Yusoff: I trying to contact them but they seems like very busy. Why dont u contact straight from Facebook (As attached above). Good luck to you ;)

  5. Hi, there is another new boatnoodle at kuchai lama name ZABZABBoatnoodle, do come and try and we are doing franchise as well :)

  6. Hi. I'm interested to open one at my place. What is the procedure and cost involve? Can I know the detail?

  7. looks like an awesome restaurant to check out... I have not yet gotten the opportunity to check ths one out

  8. ayuthaya shud be with milky n spicy taste not pathumtani.


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