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Famous Dessert Place in Bangkok

Hi! Back to Bangkok post today. *It takes me forever to blog about it* lol

There's few famous dessert places you can visit when you're in Bangkok. Bet you gonna miss you when you go back to your own country! Until now I still cannot remember all the desserts I tried there, definitely cannot find in MALAYSIA. lol

Okays, before that let's us take a welfie with ice-cream first! Tell you smth, Bangkok is super hot and you not gonna have mercy on cold drinks and ice-cream!

Super miss our jimui moment there. As we all separate apart now. Sobs.

We also quite crazy about fruit drinks selling around. For this one serious I have no idea what is it, but 2nd one is *local honey orange* which is my grandpa also got plant it in my hometown.

Again we take a welfie! 30 bath per bottle. 100% natural without adding any sugar ;)


Now we moving to 3 famous dessert places I mentioned in previous post. Let's search!

1. Mr Jones Orphanage
First try at Mr Jones Orphanage as we heard a lot of bloggers introduce this famous dessert place.

Lots of people waiting to get a seat. And it takes quite sometimes for us to sit down (It was 3++pm that time)* Let's look what's inside.

And finally we got a seat XD

Let's see what's inside the menu. Finally we ordered these. 2 drinks & 2 cakes.

Strawberry Cake

Chocolate cake

Bubble gum drink

Fruit drink

Yeap. The cakes seriously *mamadei*, means okok only. The drinks I like the purple drink as it taste more natural compare to bubble gum drink. Just for a try maybe? If you guys got find dao any nice cakes/drinks pls drop me a comment so that next time I go to try again! XD

Let's welfie again. LOL. Guess nothing else can do beside selfie & welfie? *oops*

And the bill inserted into this cute box!

More information
Tel: 02-185-2378
Address: Fl.G Seen Space, Thonglor 13/ Fl.3 Siam Center
Instagram: @mrjonesorphanage

After makan we went around the Siam Square and take some nice pic!

Manage to snap one OOTD with Christy.

2. After You
First day we wanted to try out After You dessert place but after makan The Jones Orphanage, so we decided to try it out 2nd day.

Here's the menu. Lots of choices!

And we order beside this picture. Paiseh didn't manage to take down the pic of surrounding as there're too packed. -.-

After we sit down. We found this interesting quote by After You.

*After You, There's Always Room for Desserts*

Let's see what we ordered.

Yeap, 3 of them. Tell you after you tried their toast, YOU WILL NOT GOING TO EAT OTHER TOAST. Seriously, until now I still damn miss the taste of them.

BTW a bit weird I cant find any welfie of that day. Maybe we're too busy makan. LOL

More information

3. Mango Tango
Another favorite dessert place for me. Mango! My besties, my bf and my favorite fruit!

See our *happy face* also know. LOL
Yeap, it located at very small place, a bit hard to find and we decided to take tuk tuk public transport to reach there.

How's inside look like.

Lot's of mango dessert you can order here.

And finally we ordered this.

*5/5 stars* Super like it as it really tasty, fresh enough! *yum yum* Malaysia Mango will never taste so sweet as it is mango season around May-June. So don't miss it next time.

#welfie again! Lastly, #selfie!

Work hard, play hard. Girls, remember to bang leng leng, because only you yourself can love yourself so much than any other people love you.

More information
Address: Google Map

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Very interesting and helpful information, I'll be visiting Bangkok in January, I'll make sure to try the mango tango place. It looks delicious

    1. Armando Hernandez: Glad that u like it. Hope u enjoy these desserts when u going to Bangkok ;)

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